WRAP Cluster

Wayland Remote Alternative Program


Our Hopes

Keep it under wraps. That's a wrap. I'm wrapped up in all of it. I'd like a veggie wrap, please. It's a riddle wrapped in an enigma. Try to wrap your head around this. Wrap yourself up in a cozy blanket...

We've heard them all. Still, the one that keeps coming back to us over and over again is the idea of wrapping those we love and care about in a comfortable space during this incredibly challenging time. It is our goal to provide just that for the students and families who've elected this program. And, we hope that this little website serves as a helpful package of information about what students are learning and how we are trying to meet each and everyone's needs.

WRAP Teaching Team

Inma Alcocer

Rachel Barker

Carrie Dirmeikis

English/Writing Center


Heather Eckler

7th Grade TA

Nancy Knapp

6th Grade TA

Chloé Kolbet

Denise Lawhorn

7th Grade TA

Alyssa Mabardy

8th Grade TA

Stacey Reed

We're excited to partner with you...

Please contact us when you have ideas, questions, and/or concerns.