Steps to License

How do I get my license?

STEP 1:  At the age of 15, students can go with a parent/guardian to the DLD to take the written test in order to get their permit. They must have their birth certificate, proof of residency, and social security card in order to take the test. The cost is $19. Handbooks and more questions can be answered by clicking the links at the bottom of this page.  

Local Driver License Division website-

Full-Time Office

102 South 5300 West

Hurricane, Utah 84737

Customer Service: 801.965.4437

Fax: 435.251.9514

Hearings: 435.251.9527

Hours: Monday – Friday

8:00am to 5:00pm

STEP 2:  Students can sign up for Drivers Ed. Class after receiving their permits. Class times and guidelines are provided on this site.  The course is 30 hours in length and typically runs 30 days during the school year and only two weeks during the summer.

STEP 3:  Students should be driving with their parent/guardian when they get their permit. During the age of 15 and 16 they should obtain a minimum of 40 hours of driving with parents before scheduling with the Dixie High instructor, and 10 of those hours need to be at night.  Skills that need to be covered are parking, backing up, turning, signaling, driving on the freeway, etc. Students are also required to take a Traffic Safety Exam online. The exam information is included in the online class and will be completed then.

STEP 4:  Students are required to complete four hours of simulation driving. This is usually done online during class instruction, and it is called the Street Smarts Safety Program.  

STEP 5:  Students drive with a driving instructor for five sessions and observe other drivers. Students should be scheduled with a driving instructor early before their birthday, or six month permit period, to complete their driving time on time.***Note if a student waits a month before there birthday to take the class, there is no guarantee they will drive by their birthday due to mass numbers in the driver ed program.

STEP 6:  Students take the driving test with a driving instructor who is not the same as who taught behind the wheel to them, and must pass with an 80% or better. 

STEP 7:  After passing the driving test, students will be able to get their license at the DLD. You must make an appointment with the DLD to get your license. The cost is $52 for a first time license that is good for 5 years.  -Schedule an appointment at the DLD