PD Hub

The WPS Professional Development System ensures that all adults continuously learn in order to be empowered professionals who improve and sustain systems that produce equitable and excellent outcomes for each and every student.

The WPS Professional Development System

PD System- Theory of Action

Representatives of all schools and multiple roles collaborated for 18 months to design this plan that ensures PD experiences in Waltham address both the individual and organizational learning needs required to advance equity.

The plan introduces four KEY COMPONENTS that support coherence within a unified vision for improvement, coordinate the array of opportunities available to educators across different roles and ensure these opportunities are implemented as part of a cycle of continuous improvement.

Key Components

PD Menus

PD Menus balance individual learning needs with organizational learning needs in context of PD hours, Job-Embedded PD and Individualized PD.

Exit Slips

Common Exit Slips monitor educators’ perceptions of whether learning experiences are meeting their expectations and needs.

Impact Tracker

The new Impact Tracker will provide easy access to data and other evidence for monitoring the impact of professional learning experiences on students.

PD Committee

The PD Committee ensures PD experiences meet the criteria for our WPS Vision of Professional Learning, uses data to identify learning priorities, and continually improves the PD System.

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