Feedback from Vidya's Students at VYANJAN

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26) My mom and I had a wonderful cooking class with Vidya. I learned a lot about vegetarian cooking using ingredients from India. It was very tasty and educational. We participated in preparing the meal of veggie uttappaa with tomato pepper chutney, veggie poha/pohe and sweet daliya. It was all amazing. (via Google) - Marianne Johnson, Buffalo Grove, 08/19/2023.

25) Such a great experience! I learned a lot about cooking healthy Indian food that doesn't take tons of time. I'll be cooking these dishes at home starting this week. Vidya was so lovely and made this a wonderful experience. I highly recommend. (via Google) - Anne Beall, Evanston, 08/07/2023.

24) Wonderful experience. Flavorful foods. Welcoming home. Thank you. (via Google) - Mandy G., Buffalo Grove, 06/04/2023.

23) I really enjoyed the cooking class with Vidya. She taught me how to cook traditional Indian recipes with fresh ingredients and minimal effort. I learned how to make some positive changes to my cooking for increased health and well being. (via Google) - Diane Gordon, Buffalo Grove, 04/10/2023.

22) I recently took VYANJAN Healthy Vegetarian Cooking Class. Vidya was very welcoming. She prepared a folder of instructions on how to prep the food we would make. Her spouse & Vidya filmed & gave insight on the importance of eating healthy. We dicussed how animals have a familial relationship in the Indian culture, the nutritional benefits of the food we were preparing to eat, & false beliefs that the cost of going vegan or vegetarian would be more expensive. She had a variety of sprouts to try. My favorite vegetable was opo squash & black chana. I can't wait to add my own twist to the food that was prepared! (via Google) - Lanessa Brown, Roscoe, 03/20/2023.

21) Incredible class with Vidya to celebrate my mom’s birthday. What a treat for all the senses to chop, smell, taste and learn about new vegetables, spices and cooking styles. Vidya is exceptionally organized and walks you through a whole meal start-to-finish! Vidya had so much to share with us and we learned so much. Can’t wait to rest it out on the rest of the family! The house is clean and pet-free, and they are very sensitive to any allergies or food sensitivities as well. (via Google) - Sarah Voska, McHenry, 02/19/2023.

20) I had the most amazing cooking experience and the most delicious and healthy food and lessons. Vidya is so personal and fun and a great teacher with a lot of good health advice about all the foods we cooked and ate. A wonderful yummy time! (via Google) - Lennie Kay, Highland Park, 01/22/2023.

19) Vidya's class was the best cooking class I have ever taken. I scheduled the class to help my partner feel more confident in the kitchen as he continues his vegetarian journey and then was pleasantly surprised at how much I learned and could apply in my own cooking and healthy life choices. She taught both theory and technique, which made the lessons memorable. The handouts and recipes she provided were clear and helpful without being overwhelming. I look forward to doing more classes with her in the future. (via Google) Melinda Pavek, Arlington Heights, 01/16/2023.

18) Cooking with VYANJAN was really an amazingly immersive experience of nutrition, flavors and culture! My (almost a) teenager loved and cherished being fully involved in the process of cooking and learning a valuable lesson of self sufficiency and an incredible value of vegetarian cooking in the world full of fast and junk food. She gives 5 ⭐️ For Vidyaji’s guidance, education about nutrition and experience of cooking from scratch in a simple manner. What a gift VYANJAN classes are to the future generation ! A MUST do for a family activity! - (via Google) Vinita Hulyalkar, Buffalo Grove, 07/17/2022.

17) Great  experience all around. Students are able to participate in the cooking process, lots of pointers on best practice throughout the class, delightful food and experience! - (via Google) Peg Toomey, Arlington Heights, 06/26/2022.

16) It was wonderful healthy experience attending Vidya ji "Vyanjan Healthy Vegetarian " class. All food items were so delicious and healthy ingredients were fresh mixed green vegetables ,whole grains and fresh chakki aata .We cooked "thalipeeth, masala oats and Butternut squash soup". The 12 S rules of making food was marvelous addition in my food cooking knowledge. Never thought of adding so many grains in one meal and of course easy to cook. Apart from that Vidya ji kitchen was so clean ,well organized  with beautiful utensils . We used cast iron tawa for Thalipeeth. I learned how to maintain cast iron stuff. In the end I will say it was superb experience - attending the class (ek dum paisa vasool) -  lol. Thanks Vidya ji and her partner for taking out time for me. Looking forward. - (via Facebook) Aruna Jain, Vernon Hills, 05/22/2022.

15) The class was well organized and everything was explained very well. We learned so many new things, and there was enough participation without being overwhelmed. The food was new to us, but delicious! Both Vidya and her husband, Sanjay, were welcoming and helpful. We would definitely take another class. - (via Google) Jean Burnstine, Libertyville, 04/02/2022.

14) Vidya provided an inviting and informative cooking class for my family! I feel prepared to replicate her delicious recipes at home, and I learned so much more than I expected about how to implement healthier ingredients and methods into my family cooking routines. - (via Google) Gretchen Schiltz, Deefield, 03/27/2022.

13) Vidya was wonderful and very knowledgeable. She did a great job of walking us through every step! And the food was delicious :) - (via Google) Schyler Horton, Chicago, 03/26/2022.

12) I've just taken the first of my ten classes with Vyanjan to learn how to cook healthy vegan foods. I left with several dishes to share at home. They were all delicious. I look forward making these dishes in my own house soon, which is why I took the ten week class. Hopefully next week I will begin cooking my own dishes at home. - (via Google) Catherine Tauber, Lincolnshire, 02/20/2022.

11) Cooking with Vyanjan was a lovely experience. She was clean, kind, and knowledgeable. She was able to educate towards a wide variety of cooking experiences. The food was amazing and abundant! I would recommend cooking with Vyanjan to anyone looking for an intimate cooking class. - (via Google) Seth Parker, Chicago, 02/07/2022.

10) Very unique and enjoyable experience. Vidya and her husband are very welcoming and the class is well organized. I will definitely be back to try new recipes. - (via Google) Brett Simon, Buffalo Grove, 02/06/2022.

9) I enjoyed the class and learned a lot about healthy coking options. I highly recommend this for those who want to improve their eating habits and make positive changes to their lifestyle. - (via Google) Parthiv Brahmbhatt, Des Plaines, 10/30/2021. 

8) Enjoyed the menu and the step by step directions. It’s a great class, I’m planning to go again! - (via Google) Lisa Osowski, Vernon Hills, 10/20/2021.

7) I thoroughly enjoyed this interactive cooking experience. Not only did I leave with delicious, nourishing food, I left with the knowledge and confidence to replicate the dishes in my own kitchen. I’m sprouting 3 beans as we speak and I’ve already signed up for another class. Thank you Vidya. Sincerely - (via Google) IAND State Policy Representative, Vernon Hills, 09/06/2021.

6) Vidya knows why we should all consider a Vegetarian Lifestyle! My wife and I received a gift from our daughter to spend an afternoon cooking with Vidya and Sanjay in their Buffalo Grove home this past Sunday. I have never considered a Vegetarian diet before, but maybe that is the next stop in my evolution. Vidya was so organized in her 2.5-hour presentation. Her preparation was amazing. She explained why we should not be eating processed foods and what they do to us. Vidya also demonstrated the advantages of using a Pressure Cooker, as this seemed to be most efficient method of cooking. The pantry in the kitchen had neatly organized canisters of fresh beans and spices to numerous to count. Vidya was a conductor in a symphony of herbs and spices that all played an important roll. As I listened to every word she said, I was dicing and slicing Cauliflower and Green Pepper for our next tasting. I’m tired of being overweight, I have the exercise part under control and now I need to kick into gear on this Vegetarian lifestyle. Vidya does a healthy fast , two times every week! She said that we are done growing and our bodies don’t need to process as much food anymore. Every word of her wisdom made perfect sense to me. If you are lucky enough to take this class with Vidya, it might change the way you understand the Vegetarian way of life! Thank you for a wonderful way to spend a Sunday afternoon! - (via Google) Andy Birnbaum, Wheeling, 03/02/2020.

5) The cooking class with Vidya was a fantastic experience. I've never tasted such healthy Indian food and I left her house feeling happy and energized. She's an amazing cook, a very good teacher and very conscious of the impact of eating healthy on your well being. If you're looking for a class on Indian vegetarian cooking in the northern suburbs look no further! - (via Google) Almudena Capell, Northbrook, 01/29/2020.

4) Vidya's generous spirit and food knowledge made this class very worthwhile. The food prepared was delicious! I had intentions of sharing my leftovers but ended up using them for lunches for myself over the next few days. Very tasty, satisfying and nutritious! - (via Google) Beth Herchenbach, Mundelein, 06/19/2019.

3) In her hands-on cooking class, Vidyah teaches you not only the HOW to and WHY but the benefits to your body. My husband loved the food I brought home and I wish I’d discovered this culinary delight and these delicious spices years ago. - (via Google) Diane Naftzger, Long Grove, 05/21/2019.

2) I have taken a lot of cooking classes and Vidya's are the best! Watching her work in her home kitchen with her extensive pantry and well seasoned pots and pans is wonderful. Her methods of preparation are simple yet provide a complete meal of carbs, proteins and fat. I learned new ways to prepare foods I have used for years. Her knowledge of the health benefits of numerous spices, and how easy it is to get flavorful meals is tremendous. I have taken 3 classes and look forward to many more! - (via Google) Lori Lyman, Long Grove, April 27, 2019.

1) I thoroughly enjoyed this class with Vidya.  She has a very calming and peaceful  temperament, was so sharing of information and encouraged sampling of ingredients, we had never tried before.  I walked away with an appreciation of Indian vegetarian cuisine, some delicious recipes and the desire to learn more.  Everything we made was delicious - I had leftovers to share with my family too! - (via Google) Amy Milller, Long Grove, April 27, 2019.