September 25, 2018

Vermont Computer Science Alliance Meeting, September 25, 2018

Meeting opened at 8:47.

Present: Peter Dresher, AOE. Jennifer Lachill, CVCC, Tech Integrator. Emily Loughlin, Spalding HS. Joanne Finnegan, Colchester, Retired. Whitney Machnik, Montpelier HS, APCS. Rusti Gregory, Franklin Northwest, CCV, Web Apps. Lucie deLaBruere, Freelance Educator, Physical Computing. Charlie MacFadyen, CVU, Tech Integration, Programming. Greg Kelly, Vermont Technology Alliance, Owner Ceres Greens. Juniper Lovato, UVM. Jennifer Fribush, VTVLC, VSBPE, NEOTI. Bram Moreinis, Burlington, Web Development, Jeff Renard, VTVLC, CTE Electronics. Heather Rogers, SSD. Kristen Wilston, RVTC, Information Technology. Regina Toolin, UVM, STEM Education.


Current State of CS in VT: 35 individuals with CS endorsement, about half retired. Hour of Code week is a rallying point. After school programs and clubs. Special programs, virtual reality. CoSN, Consortium of School Networks, CEDA. No budget. Legislation? CTE and HS working together? October Tech Jam, job fair. Vermont Code Camp. Looking for middle school and high school teachers to teach computer science next year. Training with full scholarships is available over the summer.

Computer Science Educator Endorsement - UVM has starting talking about a sequence. Jennifer Fribush also started thinking about a sequence. Terry Reilly, AOE (, talked about the updated endorsement.

Cybersecurity Career Pathway - Oscar A Aliaga, PhD ( presented. Improving math learning for students. Expanding CTE into younger grades. The National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE), Cybersecurity Workforce Framework.

Hour of Code - Combining Lucie's state website with other efforts. Members will think of how they can contribute. Local businesses would also be good to get interested.

Meeting ended at 12:05.

Computer Science Alliance Preso Sept2018.pptx
OAAliaga-VT AOE-CS CP-Comp Science-2018-09-25.pdf