One Londonderry

The "One Londonderry" Community Visit was a 3-month process in early 2021 that brought community members together to actively participate in examining issues, decide top priorities and develop action plans for the future of the town. The Vermont Council on Rural Development provided the overall structure and neutral facilitation each step of the way.

On February 3rd, community members came together in virtual forum discussions to share assets, challenges, and ideas for the future and were joined by a listening team of federal, state, business, nonprofit, and philanthropic leaders.

On February 25th, community members reviewed action ideas, discussed what's most important, and through a dot-voting exercise, chose 3 community priorities and formed task force groups who will work to: Expand Affordable Housing; Develop a Community Center; and Revitalize the Village Centers.

The Task Force groups came together on March 16 for the first time to create action plans and work with a Resource Team to identify next steps. All are welcome to Join a Task Force and help the future of the town.

VCRD's Jenna Koloski provides an overview of the final phase of the One Londonderry process in this interview with GNAT-TV