4VA Groundwater Hydrology Project

Project Activities

  • Improve and repair the existing lab equipment
  • Increase the amount of existing laboratory equipment by developing low cost permeameters and storage columns
  • Develop one new hands-on activity to add to the course. We propose to produce 3D printed porosity models, which can be tested by students in classroom/lab activities
  • Distribute information about materials through online resources


  • Gary Glesener (Virginia Tech Geosciences)
  • Madeline Schreiber, (Virginia Tech Geosciences)
  • Yonathan Admassu (James Madison Univ. Geology and Environmental Sciences)
  • L. Scott Eaton (James Madison Univ. Geology and Environmental Sciences)
  • Rich Whittecar (Old Dominion Univ. Ocean, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences)
  • Laura Lukes (George Mason Univ. Atmospheric, Oceanic, and Earth Sciences)


This project has been made possible with funding from 4-VA, a statewide initiative dedicated to fostering collaboration among Virginia universities with the goal of improving all Virginians’ access to higher education.