ICAT Day 2017

BIG THANK YOU to the Geology Club and Museum of Geosciences for an AWESOME event this year!

  • Analog Geo is a collaborative effort by the Geosciences Modeling and Educational Demonstrations Laboratory (MEDL), the Museum of Geosciences (MoGS), and members of the Geology Club at Virginia Tech to put geologic processes into the hands of learners through the use of physical analog models. The audience will be able to view and use hands-on physical analog models used for better understanding geologic processes.
  • Process: The materials we use have analogous physical properties to those of the Earth. The materials are mostly everyday materials available to the average consumer. We can combine these materials to create an analogous system, which is often needed for modeling geological systems. Additionally, some of our models can be equipped with sensors in order for users to get a sense of how scientists use data to better understand geologic processes.
  • Gary Glesener, Geosciences Modeling and Educational Demonstrations Laboratory
  • Llyn Sharp, Museum of the Geosciences
  • Christiana Hoff, Geology Club
  • Geology Club Members

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