10th Grade

We have had a change in the teaching team this week, and Mr. Farina is now working with students on Algebra II. He is an experienced Algebra II teacher and is also teaching Advanced Quantitative Reasoning in 11th grade.

Your Teachers

Introducing your teachers for the 2020-2021 school year! To visit any of their virtual classrooms (which is how you will attend class remotely), simply click on the class names below the teacher photo. Use the Google classroom codes below each class name to signup for the corresponding Google class. If you need to email the teacher, simply click on the teacher's name below.

Mr. Henson
(Team Lead)

(903) 326-9613

Google Class Code:

Virtual Class Code: meet.google.com/czr-wryh-xfr

Mr. Stewart

(903) 354-5043

Google Class Code:

Virtual Class Code: meet.google.com/czr-wryh-xfr

Ms. Gray

(903) 326-3868

Google Class Code: 5e2pecy
Virtual Class Code:https://meet.google.com/zzo-sefg-ocf

Mr. T

(903) 345-4020

Google Class Code:

Virtual Class Code:meet.google.com/msm-mesy-wth

Mr. Farina

‪(903) 354-4944

Algebra 2/

Google Class Code:

Virtual Class Code:meet.google.com/zor-odnr-vmd

Class Schedule

The high school day begins at 8:15 with morning announcements.

Some students will begin to return to in-person school attendance this week. For those who continue to attend virtually, the way attendance is taken will continue as it has since the beginning of this school year. Attendance will be taken in each class and attendance counts. The easiest way to be marked present is by attending the classes at the scheduled class time (see the following schedule). If you cannot attended the scheduled class time, then you must get with the teacher to find another way to show engagement in the class for that day. This must be done before 11:59pm on the same day. In other words, you can't turn in anything on Tuesday to have yourself marked "present" for Monday (the previous day). For those students whose families have elected for them to attend in-person, attendance will be as it has been in years past. If you are in attendance, you are counted present. If a student is ill, has a doctor appointment, or is otherwise not present, they will be counted absent in each class they miss. Merely turning in work is not a substitute for actual attendance. The means of assessing attendance is mandated by the state, and Village Tech has no say in the matter.

Schedule Update October 4, 2020