Team SAS of the Luxurious Playstyle is a group of highly competitive players from across the globe that aim for improving each other and the community at large with our understanding of KeyForge.

Among our ranks are the creator of, creator of The Crucible Online Game Tracker, several article writers, two KeyForge streamers, a podcaster, the WINNER of the Denver, Ohio, Nuremburg, Madrid, Indianapolis, and Albany Vault Tours.

We enjoy competing in vault tour events and all the other competitive levels that FFG has and will continue to offer for the game. We spend a large amount of our free time strategizing about upcoming tournaments and thinking about the best tactics for each respective event. We are players, event runners, content creators and most importantly we all love KeyForge.

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DISCORD: zarathustra05#3250

Big Z - Zarathustra

Big Z is a lifelong gamer progressing from consoles when he was a child, to computer games when he was a young adult, and has become a dedicated board game player over the last five years.

He has played over 2,000 games of KeyForge start to finish, was the thirteenth player to earn a Power Level Three Deck, he authored The DAERC Arts of Deck Evaluation article, is the Co-Host for the Archons Corner Podcast and helps organize the Decks of Keyforge Online Events through Challonge. He is currently ranked 1st in the 2019 Vault Leader Board. He organized the initial formation of Team SAS-LP and since then has taken on the role of Team Captain.

Big Z loves KeyForge and wants nothing more than for the community to thrive as they continue to Forge Keys, Unlock Vaults, and Discover new wondrous elements of KeyForge.

DISCORD: CorayThan#9734

Nathan - CorayThan

Inspired by the sorry state of affairs circa December 2018 when trying to buy KeyForge decks on the secondary market, Nathan created Decks of Keyforge, SAS, and AERC to help evaluate and search KeyForge decks. He continues to actively improve Decks of Keyforge and the rating systems, as well as practice the game we love as much as possible.

Nathan won the Denver Vault Tour Tournament, outlasting his opponents with a triple Control the Weak deck on day 2. Nathan also won the Indianapolis Sealed Worlds Collide vault tour with an absolute bonkers WC Deck! Years ago he played the World of Warcraft Miniatures game competitively, winning a major tournament and becoming a semifinalist at the Worlds competition.


DISCORD: JusticeBlinded

Erich - JusticeBlinded

Erich is a lifelong gamer. A semi-competitive Magic player back in the day, he stopped going to a lot of tournaments after a while and opted to instead play regular games with his friends at his LGS. One fateful evening in late 2018, instead of the usual MTG game, several of his friends wanted to try out this new game they had heard of called KeyForge. The first deck Erich opened was called "Always God-Tier Kian" and he went undefeated that evening. He was hooked.

Erich made Day Two at the Seattle Sealed Vault Tour and placed in the top 16. He actually won his top 16 match, but neither his opponent nor he realized it, and his opponent declared victory, thinking he had won with a Key Charge (Grabber Jammer was on board and both players forgot about it). Erich quickly shook hands and scooped up the cards before he realized the mistake, but it was too late. Undeterred, Erich returned to the Vault Tour scene in Denver made top 8 in the main event.

Erich has a Twitch channel where he streams KeyForge content weekly. Erich prides himself on strategic analysis and finding new ways to break down a situation.


DISCORD: JustAGuyPlayin#7024

Luke - JustAGuyPlayin

Luke is a lifelong card gamer and board gamer. He got his first pokemon cards in elementary school and has been gaming ever since. In middle school and high school his gaming focused on Yu-Gi-Oh! and whatever board games I could get my hands on. After that, his gaming moved away from card games and more towards strategy board games. But since the introduction of KeyForge, Luke is enjoying the personal renaissance of competitive card games.

In the game of Keyforge, Luke finds the pre-built deck aspect especially intriguing: the concept that in every game there are cards in your deck that you wouldn't choose to put in there, so you have to make the best of bad situations. He is looking forward to future releases to watch how the established truths and strategies of the game evolve.

Luke won the Survival Vault Tour at Albany masterfully piloting the always awesome Galaxy!


DISCORD: Dunkoro#8003

Jakub - Dunkoro

Jakub has always been fascinated with games of all kinds. He started with chess at age of 7 progressed through video games and found card games to be the epitome of what he likes. Since his teens he has dabbled in pretty much every card game he could get his hands on. For instance, in Gwent he created the first competitive team, competed on the highest level of play, created multiple top-tier decks and continued being an influential figure through his interaction with the game.

In KeyForge he focuses on the aspect of discovery; finding the deck that best fits him and his play style while at the same time being a highly competitive deck. Jakub took down both the Germany and Madrid Valt Tours with Pink Fraud, one of the best KeyForge decks on the planet.

He is an article writer focusing on the highly abstract side of the game, this is exemplified in his article about Rush against Control.


DISCORD: Minotwor#9191

Alvin - Ramza

Alvin (which means friends of elves) has always been a gamer since the 3rd grade when he first encountered Magic the Gathering in school in the Philippines. Being drawn to elves, he likes constructing decks with elves! In the world of KeyForge shadows is the house for him!

Working at and surrounded with very competitive MTG players everyday, Alvin strives to convert awesome good hearted players to KeyForge and to grow the KeyForge community. He believes that a game’s lifeline is its community. Playing Games is about fun and about people having fun. So if you ever see Alvin at an event, please say "Hi!" and introduce yourself and make a new friend in the crucible!


DISCORD: wallabb#2905

Ben - Wallabb

Ben is an engineer by day and a gamer by night. He loves gaming - MtG, KeyForge, MLP, Stardew Valley, Maple Story, Slay the Spire, Assassin's Creed, Fortnite - pretty much any type of table top game or RPG - he's in. He is a level 2 Magic judge who loves roller-blading, hanging out at home, cooking dinner, and petting all the animals.

Ben won the first sealed AoA vault tour at Origins in 2019 and placed in the top 4 at the Nova Grand Championship in the U.S.


DISCORD: KillerKealie#2569

Andrea - KillerKealie

Andrea has always been a nerd - she ended up getting really into MtG during and after completing her graduate degree in Genetics. Her love of the game and the gaming community lead her to leave her adjunct professorship and work full time for CFB Events helping run MagicFests - which she has now been doing for a year and a half. Picking up KeyForge as a nice "deckbuilding-less" game was a no-brainer. Who likes tuning decks?!


DISCORD: stronglink#9374

Grant - stronglink

Grant is an avid gamer and game developer. He created the Crucible Tracker, a gameplay analysis tool for KeyForge, to help himself and others better understand the performance of their KeyForge decks. When not playing KeyForge, Grant is thinking about KeyForge or working on KeyForge side projects—for what is better than KeyForge?

Before the KeyForge craze set in, Grant occupied his time with all varieties of boardgames from Twilight Imperium to Ultimate Werewolf Legacy to Hive.


DISCORD: daydream4824#0237

Breana - daydream

Breana did not start out as a gamer. The love of games has grown from playing with friends and family over the years.

Her favorite board game is Pandemic (being a Biology major, this only makes sense) and all of the Pandemic Legacy seasons. She also enjoys Dominion and Gloomhaven.

KeyForge is the first competitive game Breana has played.

She loves the community that has formed around the game and hopes that the fun continues far in to the future.

She has finished in the top 32 at Gencon Archon and Albany Survival.




Dan - drsheep

Dan has been playing games since his older brother would let him join his Dungeon and Dragon’s game in the 80s.

He has been involved in both competitive play and charity gaming events for many card, role playing, miniature, and board games over the years. Dan is also active in Fat Biking, Bike Touring, and Home brewing.

Dan’s first serious experience with KeyForge was the Schaumberg vault tour where he made day two and has been chasing the dream ever since. He has an inconceivable belief that the best deck ever comes from Age of Ascension but just has not found it yet.

Dan is invested in both his local KeyForge scene as a tournament organizer and travels to as many events as he can.

Come challenge with him in the Milwaukee-Chicago area!

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