CMP Rimfire Sporter

This match format offers a unique set of challenges, by requiring competitors to shoot from three different positions (prone, sitting or kneeling, and standing), and to do this in both slow and rapid-fire strings. NRA smallbore matches require you to shoot in three positions, but all shots are fired slow. I really like the demands that this match format presents!

As the name suggests, the game uses rimfire "sporter" rifles, meaning .22LR rifles which are lightweight (<7.5 lbs with scope and magazine). While you can certainly spend a lot of money on a rifle for this game, the vast majority of shooters will be well served by a budget rifle. Top scores come from mastery of the shooting positions, not from the most accurate rifles. The 10 ring is 1.8", which is rather large at 50 yards (twice the size of the NRA 50 yd 10 ring), and that's rather huge when standing at 25 yards.

Target: CMP RS [This is the same size as the NRA B-19, which is the 50 yard pistol target. The large total size keeps novices on paper, while the small X-ring keeps experienced shooters stretching for improvement.

Distance: 50 yards (prone and sitting/kneeling) and 25 yards (standing). An reduced set of targets is available which allows shooters to fire all shots from 50 feet.

The course of fire is simple...but not easy. :) It consists of 9 strings.

  1. 50 yards, prone, 10 shots in 10 minutes
  2. 50 yards, prone, 5 shots in 30 seconds
  3. 50 yards, prone, 5 shots in 30 seconds
  4. 50 yards, sitting/kneeling, 10 shots in 10 minutes
  5. 50 yards, sitting/kneeling, 5 shots in 30 seconds
  6. 50 yards, standing, 5 shots in 30 seconds
  7. 25 yards, standing, 10 shots in 10 minutes
  8. 25 yards, standing, 5 shots in 30 seconds
  9. 25 yards, standing, 5 shots in 30 seconds

Note: If you're shooting a semi-automatic rifle, you only get 25 seconds for the rapid-fire segments. The match director will give a second start signal 5 seconds after the bolt-action rifles start.

You can find more information on the CMP Rimfire Sporter webpage.