Drills & Tests

Make your range trips more productive by selecting drills to help you improvove specific skills, instead of just blasting away at a zombie target. The drills below come from many different sources, so the format of the drill (instructions, targets, etc.) will vary a lot. Look around and find something you find interesting.

  • Bill Drill - fire 6 shots into an 8" circle as fast as you can. Generally shot from 7 yards, and from concealment, but feel free to mix it up.
  • Change of Pace - Shoot two shots each into the different shapes. Mix-up the order to force you to speed-up and slow-down when transitioning between targets.
  • Dot Torture - Just follow the instructions. Start with the target at 3 yards, then push it back as you can consistently clean it. No time limit.
  • FAST Drill - Fire 4 to the circle, reload, then 2 to the rectangle. This is a great test of speed and precision.

Shot Timer

A shot timer is ESSENTIAL for improving your skills. You need to be able to measure speed vs accuracy, and this is the tool for the job. The Pocket Pro timer is the best on the market, with the option for a large number display, or smaller numbers with more information. Easy to use, and rugged. I've had mine for 18 years and it's still going strong.