Maine Plain Clothes Qualification Course

The "plain clothes" qualification course is an alternate qualification available in Maine. I appreciate them creating this standard, and sharing it with us.

As a competitive shooter, I find most of the LEO qual courses to be a walk in the park. I frequently shoot the courses in about 1/2 the allotted time. But this one is different. Unlike the uniformed quals, I shot this from concealment. Even though I can't find anything that says it had to be, I would suspect plain clothes officers to carry concealed most of the time. Doing a failure/Mozambique drill at 7 yards in 3 seconds, from concealment is pretty quick. I like that this course has some shots fired on the move, but it seems silly that there's no time limit on that string, and no limit of forward advance is noted. There's a string where you have to run a few yards then shoot around a barricade, which is different. Nobody is going to get winded running a few yards, but I think it's good to force shooters to move into a position quickly, rather than starting the string in a perfect shooting stance.

I passed the course with 49/50 shots inside the Q. As I wrote this post I realized that I didn't do the 3rd failure drill (kneeling); I just shot 3 center of mass. But even if you penalize me a shot, I'm still okay. ;)

Click here for the course of fire, and the source docs are linked through the list of standards available here.