ROM Image Generator support page


Update 2013/06/29: Fixed an alignment bug (Comment EXTINFO entries were not rounded off to a multiple of 4 in length) and explicitly used ANSI Windows functions instead of their generic names (This program is not a Unicode program).

Update 2013/05/20: Fixed some bugs and limitations.

Update 2013/05/17: Initial public release


ROMIMG is a tool that handles IOP image files (e.g. those IOPRP images and the boot ROM image itself) that are used for IOP resets or for just storing files.

It has the following features:

  • Supports IOPRP image files.
  • Supports extracting files from boot/DVD ROM (aka the "BIOS") image files
  • Allows files to be added, removed and extracted from images.
  • Supports the adding and removing of the Bootstrap program (The RESET file).


  • Create ROM image - ROMIMG /c <ROM image> <files>
  • List files in ROM image - ROMIMG /l <ROM image>
  • Add file(s) to ROM image - ROMIMG /a <ROM image> <file(s)>
  • Delete file(s) from ROM image - ROMIMG /d <ROM image> <file(s)>
  • Extract all files from ROM image - ROMIMG /x <ROM image>
  • Extract file from ROM image - ROMIMG /x <ROM image> <file>

Note: The RESET file entry cannot be detected because it must be there for the image to be considered valid. However, deleting it with the delete command will just clear off the bootstrap program. A bootstrap program can be added to an image that does not have one (RESET is 0 bytes in size).

The bootstrap program is a binary file with the entry point at the start at the file. It is used during the startup sequences by both the IOP and EE during cold boots. Usually, this feature will not be used except for when building a boot ROM image (e.g. for PCSX2).

Known limitations/bugs

  • Note 2013/08/27: I don't think that it's possible to rebuild the Sony PS2 boot ROM with this tool at this moment, as some files (e.g. RDRAM) must be stored at specific locations within the ROM image. The entries named "-" appear to be fillers, and exist before the files that need to exist at specific regions.


ROMIMG v1.12:

ROMIMG v1.12 (Source code):

As usual, please do not hotlink to the file as the link/filename will change with every release.