Playstation 2 External Storage Device Game Loader (PS2ESDL)


Update 2014/05/17: PS2ESDL v0.825 released!

Update 2014/04/12: PS2ESDL v0.824 released!

Update 2011/06/21: PS2ESDL v0.820 is now released for real.

Update 2011/06/22: PS2ESDL v0.821 is now released (Fix for ISO9660 disc image game list blanking bug).

Update 2011/06/28: Uploaded skinning guide (Documents the creation of skin parameter files).

Update 2012/09/26: Some links are temporarily down.

Update 2012/10/06: Restored download links.


The Playstation 2 External Storage Device Game Loader (PS2ESDL) is my Playstation 2 game loader. It allows the user to load games from an USB device.

New versions are released at every version X.X10.

Hence, a new version of PS2ESDL would be released at v0.800, v0.810, v0.820 etc.

I had started building PS2ESDL in April 2009, fueled by a want for a good USB device game loader, and because I wanted to reduce wear on my Playstation 2's laser.

There was a commercial USB device game loader, called USBExtreme (USBAdvance is a cracked version of it).

However, it had poor game compatibility rates, and many of my games didn't work with it.

Although PS2ESDL's developement was based on a lot of other people's projects, research and sample code, I've re-written PS2ESDL to use code written by me. It has been my largest programming project so far.

I continued it's development after it's *termination* in January 2010 - because other game loaders that support USB devices really cause some games that stream their videos to REALLY perform badly. :<

Nobody has to use it - after all, OpenPS2Loader is already able to do what my loader can do, but I completed it for my own personal achievement, and because I wanted to play my anime games with LESS FMV stuttering. XD

How to use this

Instructions on using PS2ESDL can be found here: PS2ESDL official guide: PS2ESDL official guide.

PS2DCDMP utility

PS2ESDL supports the traditional USBExtreme, ISO9660 disc images and it's own PS2ESDL game format.

PS2DCDMP is PS2ESDL's native game installer, and can be found here.


PS2ESDL v0.820 and later supports plugins:

  1. IEEE1394/Firewire/iLink

How to install: Place the plugin into the same place where PS2ESDL is launched from.

Creating and using skins

PS2ESDL v0.820 supports skins too.

How to use and create skins: Skinning guide


Changelog for v0.825:

  1. Added the play history updating functionality from FMCB.
  2. Refactored some code.
  3. Fixed sceCdGetReadPos(), which was returning the number of sectors read instead of the read offset in bytes.
  4. Readded the EESYNC module to prevent DNAS games from wiping memory after every IOP reset.
  5. Recompiled with the latest PS2SDK, partly for compatibility with the PlayStation 3.

Additional notes

  1. PS2DCDMP v0.99 supports only the PS2ESDL v1.22 game format!
  2. If you are using an older format (E.g. for PS2ESDL v0.810 and older), please use the upgrader utility.


PS2ESDL v0.825 Open Beta:

PS2ESDL v0.825 Open Beta (Source code):

PS2ESDL v0.821 Open Beta:

PS2ESDL v0.821 Open Beta (Source code):

If anyone wishes to link to the file(s), please just link to the home page as the filename may change with every release.