Model Information


Update 2018/10/21: Added SCPH-50001/N. Initial release for v0.834.

Update 2018/08/25: Added SCPH-30004 R. Initial release for v0.833.

Update 2018/06/28: Model ID update (added SCPH-5000b, SCPH-50003, renamed model colours). Initial release for v0.832.

Update 2018/06/23: Corrected revision number for the PCIC CXD9546R. Initial release for v0.831.

Update 2018/06/19: Added various models. Initial release for v0.830.

Update 2017/03/04: Added various models. Added new Model ID data.

Update 2016/12/15: Added various models. Initial release for v0.825.

Update 2016/08/10: Added various models. Added MECHACON CXR706080-703GG and CXR706080-102GG.

Update 2016/05/21: Added various models. Initial release for v0.823.

Update 2016/01/05: Added various models. Initial release for v0.822.

Update 2015/08/29: Added various models. Initial release for v0.821.

Update 2015/05/30: Added various models. Initial release for v0.820.

Update 2014/11/01: Added the SCPH-90010.

Update 2014/10/31: Corrected the ROMVER string for the SCPH-77004, and removed the duplicate entry for the SCPH-77008.

Update 2014/10/27: Added the SCPH-10000 (v1.00), SCPH-10000 (v1.01), SCPH-39004, SCPH-50004 (MECHACON v5.4, GS v1.11), SCPH-70004, SCPH-75004 and SCPH-77004.

Update 2014/10/19: Added the SCPH-70012.


Note: Due to the ADD0x010 field being introduced later on, some models do not have their ADD0x010 values recorded down.

Such entries will have 0xFFFF for ADD0x010, but that is not their actual ADD0x010 values. Hopefully, somebody will come forward to either complete these incomplete records or to submit new ones, someday.

Note: As of now, I do not really know for sure, how SCE issued the Model ID values. It appears to be for every model, which may also include significant hardware changes (i.e. the AB and A+ chassis SCPH-18000). Starting from the SCPH-50000, the colour also seems to matter (i.e. SCPH-50000 SS).

Recorded Models List

PlayStation 2 Models


PS2Ident database (Updated 2018/10/21): PS2Ident.db

Simply replace the old PS2Ident.db file with the new one.