Field Trips

We have planned many opportunities for families to learn, play and explore together this year!  There is a mixture of educational, social and hands-on programs.  In addition to planned activities, we are promoting family friendly events in the community where you can meet up with other families, such as the Central Washington Fair.  Lastly we will be planning more outdoor activities this year, such as nature hikes.  Please register now so you can join us!

Please note: Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, some field trips hosts may have additional requirements for us to follow during our field trip.  We will do our best to notify you of such requirements ahead of time so that you can decide whether to attend. 

See you at our next field trip,
Lavinia and Annette                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Organized field trips are one of the best benefits of being a C.A.P.E. member!   If you have an idea for a field trip, please fill out our new Field Trip Suggestion Form!  Click on the link for the specific field trip below to learn more about the field trip (including registration).   An email will be sent out letting all members know when registration is available for each field trip.

2022-2023 CAPE Field Trips


2nd        Boulder Cave 

9th         Point Defiance Zoo (Tacoma) 

 15th     Wenatchee River Salmon Festival

  20th     West Valley Fire Department   CLOSED  9/15

23rd      First Day of Fair (Central WA Fair)

29th       Bill's Berry Farm CLOSED 9/26


4th        Arborteum: Fieldtrip

8th        Day of Dig Open to Public   9am   to 3 pm free ALL AGES!!

                 No Registration needed!

11th    Olmstead Place Homestead 

20th    Ahtanum Mission Park Nature Hike 

25th   Washington Fruit Place at Barrett Orchards  closed 10/18


3rd        Pioneer Farm Homeschool Day (Eatonville)   closed 10/20

4th          Mighty Tieton Museum "Day of Dead" 

8th          Snow Mountain Ranch

 15th      Yakama Nation Museum 

December 2     BIZTOWN  4th thru 6th graders (week after Thanksgiving) $20

 NOVEMBER 29th     Finance Park (JUNIOR ACHIEVEMENT CLASS FINAL EXPERIENCE) Listed here for registered students/parents 9 am to 2pm *Must be registered in Cape classes.  $20


9th Gasseling Christmas Tree Farm

13th Viera's Bakery

Toppenish Rail Museum suggested on your own (

Decemebr 3-4 ,10-11,17-18

Toy Train Christmas

$10 adults , $8 for 12 and under

17th Camp Ghormley Mountain Meadow Christmas

January 2023


31st Capitol Theater closed 1/12

20th- Yakima Police Department Closed 1/5


7th Yakima Aquatic Swim

10th    Capitol Kids Twincussion

24th    ELK FEEDING STATION closed


3rd Triumph Actuation Systems  Deadline sign up  Feb 24th 

14th   Selah Post Office           closed 2/9

7th  and  20th   KIMA   N ews  Station         closed 2/9

21st Championsip Gymnastics


4thrMcAllister  Museum of Aviation

13th  Flying Hat Ranch Pony Rides

27th   Terrace Heights Landfill

28th   Yakima Symphony Student Concert