Outstanding Educators

Since 1994, National PLT has officially recognized the dedicated efforts of the hard-working and inspirational educators that bring PLT into the classroom, nature centers, universities, and youth groups. Each year only five educators are selected from nation-wide nominations to receive an outstanding educator award. Wyoming PLT has been blessed with many wonderful educators who have received these awards.

Jazon Vlcan, PLT Leadership in Education Award 2018

L to R: Kathy McGlauflin, Executive Director of National PLT; Steve Scharosch, 2017 OE; Hazel Scharosch 2007 OE

Steve Scharosch was selected as one of five National PLT Educator's of the Year for 2017. He operates Abacus Enterprises, Inc., a firm that develops and uses quantitative methods for land management planning. As a forest biometrician, he works with forest landownders and the forest industry throughout North America. When he realized the importance of educating young people about the environment, he became involved with Project Learning Tree.

He has presented dozens of workshops to teachers, youth group leaders, and other educators throughout the state. His outreach to the University of Wyoming and the Wyoming Professional Teaching Standards Board resulted in teachers now receiving graduate or professional credits when they attend PLT workshops. He has also led Wyoming PLT grant writing, strategic planning, and other efforts as the WY PLT past chair and treasurer.

"Steve has dedicated his life to forest conservation and education through his work as a private forester and his personal outdoor recreational activities. After attending a PLT workshop in 2006, he has become actively involved in Wyoming PLT efforts. WY PLT can not run without Steve!" - Lucy Diggins-Wold, Wyoming Game and Fish Department

Past Outstanding Educators

Outstanding Educators