Wynnum Region Organised Computing Club for Seniors

WROCCS has been the leading seniors computer club in the South-east Brisbane area since 2002 and has gained a reputation as a great learning environment for seniors. WROCCS is a not-for-profit organisation and all coaches and committe members are volunteers. Our aim is to provide our seniors community with the best training at the lowest possible cost.

Although our coaches are volunteers, they have a wealth of knowledge and experience and are skilled in the subjects they teach. Also, being seniors themselves, they are able to provide a friendly and caring environment in which to learn.

For beginners, WROCCS offers an introduction to technology. Our training courses are designed to help ease the transition into today's high-tech world.

For intermediate users, we have courses on using Windows and Apple computers as well as smart phones and tablets. WROCCS offers courses in using applications such as word processors, spreadsheets, photo editors, genealogy programs and other popular applications. We also provide tuition on using the internet including (but not limited to) email, messaging apps, ebook readers, video and music streaming.

WROCCS is always trying to expand its range of subjects so if you are interested in something, we will try to find someone who can help. If you have any suggestions, contact us.

WROCCS now offers one hour one-on-one tutoring sessions. This enables students to nominate a topic of interest to them and get tutoring tailored to their own requirements. This type of learning has proven extremely popular and is now a major part of our offerings.