June 2021 GM

Dale (a physiotherapist from Blue Care) gave a very interesting talk on various topics including the benefits of exercise and available help for seniors.

We also got to hear from Laurel about her class on Microsoft Word. Laurel gave a brief introduction on MS Word and then gave us some great ideas on how to use MS Word to create some very practical and useful things such as bookmarks, invitations and posters.

You can see Dale's presentation here.

These are some links for more information.

May 2021 GM

Luke Cridland from the PA Hospital Research Foundation gave us a very interesting presentation on the work being done by the foundation and took questions from the floor.

If you would like to know more about the work they do, you can find more information here.

April 2021 GM

Joan Pease, State MP for Lytton addressed our members and updated us on all that is going on in the region

Christina has resigned her position of Secretary.

We do appreciate all the time and effort in keeping this club organised.

Thanks for everything Christina!

March 2021 GM

Our first monthly meeting at the Wynnum Community Centre.

AGM 2021

It was all going so well ...

... planned to perfection!

- or so we thought!

Then the heavens decided to open up and everyone had to scramble for their cars in case the creek overflowed its banks.

At least we got to hear Cec's joke about the horse and de-fence and de-tail.

2020 Christmas breakup

Despite a very difficult year, we have managed to keep our heads above water (just) so we are hoping for a much better year this year.

At the breakup, we introduced everyone to our new look web site. The site now holds a lot more information about what we are doing and what is available for our members. We will continue to update the site with our latest news so please visit us regularly.

We also introduced our new acting president (Cec Gillis) and acting treasurer (Jim Paradies). We are still looking for nominations for all positions in the 2021 committee so please consider volunteering.

We welcome any suggestions and feedback on classes, future topics and anything else you can think of. Just contact us.

Rick Davies

Rick left the position of President after many years only to come back in 2021 as Secretary, being his current role. He will also continue on as a member and a coach, so make sure you check out his tuition for 2021..

Thanks very much Rick!

Col Lucas

Col has been a member of WROCCS for many years. He has served on the committee as treasurer for a lot of those years but this year he has decided to have a break.

Thanks for everything Col!