Goalty Kit Stands

These 3D printed stands allow tent-pole goaltimate kits to be supported by 25 lb weights for indoor or turf surfaces. We've found the CAP weights listed on Amazon to be easiest to fit (1 inch hole) and comparably cheap.

If you have a different style of weight with different measurements, we can customize our stands to your needs for an additional fee. Each stand costs $5 (there are 2 stands needed for a goalty kit). If you need customization, there is an additional $10 customization fee. Shipping outside of Madison costs $6. Common orders will look like this:

  • Standard kit in Madison = $10
  • Customized kit in Madison = $20
  • Standard kit shipped = $16
  • Customized kit shipped = $26

While our 3D printed stands are durable, they are subject to breaking if sufficient force is applied (like someone crashing full speed into the kit). We'll offer one replacement set per customer at no cost other than shipping.