Spring Goaltimate has been cancelled due to COVID-19

2020 League and Registration Info:

Wisconsin Ultimate runs a spring 2-2 mixed goaltimate league at Breese Stevens Field. If there is enough interest, we may also run an open "spill-over" league. In 2020, Spring league will run Sunday nights from 5-7 pm starting March 29th until May 24th (with a league-wide bye on May 17th).

When registering, individuals or pairs of 'baggaged" players will self-rate themselves, and then be placed on teams which will compete against each other each week. This league is a USAU sanctioned league and all members must have current USAU memberships.

The size of the league will be determined by the number of womxn-matching players that register. In previous years, we have had between 5-6 womxn-matching players per team distributed on 8 teams. Registration will be first come, first serve. Man-matching players who baggage with womxn-matching players will "jump the line" and any remaining spots will be distributed based on registration time. Men who do not make the mixed league will have the option to play in an open spill-over league if there is enough interest.

Registration for Spring 2020 is CLOSED. Team info / schedules coming soon.

Registration Steps

In order to be placed on a team, you must complete all of the following steps.

  1. Fill out this registration form. (Form will be activated March 1st at 12 pm)
  2. Pay the $39 registration fee via this paypal link. Please use this link (rather than just free-styling from your paypal account as we are often charged fees that way). Please put your name in the comment. If you need other payment methods (not paypal), please email wisconsinultimate@gmail.com.
  3. Register for our league through your USAU account.
      • Log into your account
      • Under "My Player Account" click 'Manage Player Activity'
      • Click 'Register For Individual Events'
      • Isolate Wisconsin in the pull down menu or scroll to find our event
      • Click the checkbox for Club Mixed Division and hit the green Register button
  4. In order to play, your USAU membership must be 'current' meaning 2020 dues paid and waiver signed. Any player-level of membership will do and if you plan to play the college, club, or youth series, a 'full' membership now will cover any of those when they occur. If you do not plan to play in any of those divisions, an Affiliate-Player membership is the cheapest option as is good at any of our events all year.

League Rules (** denotes 2019 update):

  • Sub on the fly, hockey style by slapping hands at the sideline
  • Stall 5 from anywhere/anyone on the field
    • If 2 people are stalling, lower count applies
  • Picks legal (NO MOVING SCREENS)
  • Double teaming legal
  • Defenders in the goal area or directly in front of it must be within an arm's length** of an offensive player. No puppy-guarding the goal.
  • Offensive players may only remain in the goal for 3 seconds**.
  • Scores thrown from the clear box are two points
  • Each match will consist of five 15 minute games with short breaks in between
  • For more specific rules check out USAU Goaltimate's Website
  • Rule explanations from MUFA indoor league written by Nate Jorgensen


As always, if you have any questions email wisconsinultimate@gmail.com