About Me

A little about me (maybe more than you care to know?)

  • I was an "Army Brat," until my dad retired from Military service in 1977, right after my 18th birthday. I lost count of how many houses we lived in, but my dad was stationed on various bases in Southern California, Arizona, Texas, Alabama, and Georgia, as well as two bases in Germany (Mannheim and Heidelberg).

  • I earned my High School Diploma in 1977 from Desert High School, located
    on Edwards Air Force Base, in the Mojave Desert, in California.

  • Completing a basic education at Grossmont College in May 1981, I earned an A.A (Associate of Arts) degree in General Education.

  • I entered the Graphics field in the summer of 1983, after leaving college at California State University at Long Beach, one semester shy of earning my B.A.

  • In 1987, after 300 classroom hours, I received a Certificate in Desktop Publishing

  • In 1995, I returned to school to complete and receive my B.A., (Bachelor of Arts) degree in General Fine Art, from Long Beach State.

  • Also in 1995, I took a 200-hour course and received a Certificate in Multimedia from the Foundation College.

  • In 2003, after 20 years in the Graphics industry, I once again returned to school to begin training as an Art Teacher, finally completing and receiving my Single Subject Teaching Credential in Art, as well as a Masters Degree in Education in 2009.

  • My favorite pastimes are, reading Graphic Novels (primarily of the Superhero genre), studying scripture, attending my daughter's sporting events, and visiting with my two older children.

  • The 2020 - 2021 school year is my 11th as a Teacher in San Diego (though I've been teaching my San Diego students from Tucson, Arizona since March of 2020, due to COVID-19).