Wine Fight Festival

Also locally referred to as the Haro Wine Fight,

La Batalla Del Vino or the San Vino Wine Festival

This is a typically Spanish fiesta held in Haro on June 29th each year, and is an amazing red wine soaked party of epic proportions. Live Music, DJ's, Street Parties, Wine Fight, Fireworks, Art, Theatre and much more! This is a proper authentic party where locals of all ages get involved from kids to the elderly!

During the Wine Fight Festival of Haro, the town embraces its history, heritage and its long held traditions. Haro comes alive during it's annual fiesta and the streets of the old town are abuzz with wine inspired cultural events, street art, roaming bands, and loads of other activities for all ages to enjoy.

Haro is in the centre of the world famous La Rioja region of Spain in the north of the country where some of the very best Tempranillo grapes are cultivated and extraordinary award winning red wines are crafted.

The wine fight of Haro is chaotic, euphoric, dynamic and hedonistic but also exciting, exhilarating, tempting, outstanding and well...just plain AWESOME!

This is LEGENDARY - You'll love it!

Wine Fight girl at Haro getting soaked with red wine
Wine Fight Tempranillo Grapes on the Vine
Wine Fight guy being totally soaked with red wine

Wine Fight Soaking

Wine Fight band playing music despite being covered with red wine

Wine Fight Band

Wine Fight guy squirting red wine from a wine skin at the camera

Wine Fight Fun

Wine Fight girls being sprayed with red wine from a crop sprayer

Wine Fight Shower