Wine Fight Culture and Art

Wine Fight Bodegas and Grape Vines
Wine Fight in Haro where the town is a living art gallery with bronze statues and sculptures dotting the town streets
Wine Fight in Haro small stream running through the town

Haro Culture

This is a town of history, a town of culture, a town of wine and of excitement!

Now a government designated Historic-Artistic site of Spain this is a town alive with the arts, theatre and viticulture. The streets of Haro town are a living breathing outdoor art gallery with sculptures adorning the towns roundabouts and statues on every second street corner. There are monuments, churches, fountains and ancient fortifications all surrounded by a beautiful landscape of hills, rivers, mountains and wonderfully cultured grape vines providing a diverse ecosystem to the regions flora and fauna. This is a magical place.

Wine Fight in Haro wine barrel display in the main town square

This town is a city! Or so say many people of the region due to the fact that there are many palaces within the towns limits. Haro is known as the City of Palaces by historians and residents alike.

Noteworthy palaces include the medieval looking Palace of Bendana (Paternina Palace), the striking buttresses and thick walled Palace of the Condestables all from the 15th Century. The 17th Century Palace of the Bezaras and then the 18th Century Palace of the de la Cruz, the Palace of Tejada, the Palace of San Felices Street and the Palace of the Salazars to name but a few. Perhaps among the most striking is the Palace of the Counts of Haro with its decorated entry gates, floral mouldings and ornaments and the columns adorning its facade supporting the family's coat of arms. One can easily stroll about the town and view all these magnificent palaces and grand houses that once housed the might and wealth of the region.

In terms of religious art and churches, and don't the Spanish love those, the Basilica of the Virgen de la Vega is one of the buildings of reference in Haro, seen from afar atop the city walls, and is considered one of the most important and best preserved religious works of the area.

El Torreon, as it is known, is the Haro Museum of Contemporary Art that opened in 2007. Housed within the only surviving part of the Haro City walls in a part named the Tower of the Prisoners, this wonderfully modern space sits comfortably within its ancient benefactor. Here you can see fine works from artists all over the region and they also host many travelling exhibitions.

Haro truly is a town for the art lover, the music lover, the history lover and of course, the party lover so regardless of when you visit the town of Haro, there is plenty to see and do. Of course if you do happen to visit the area in late June well....the Wine Fight beckons!

Wine Fight bronze bust outside local council building
Wine Fight view of the exterior or one of the famous bodegas
Wine Fight in Haro wine bottle collection inside shop front
Wine Fight in Haro outdoor museum statue of winemaker