Wine Fight FAQ's & Contact

Haro Wine Fight FAQ's

When is the Wine Fight held?

The famous battle of the wine in the Rioja region of Spain is held on the 29th of June each year which is the day of the patron saint San Pedro.

The Wine Fight in Haro in 2020 is on Monday June 29th

San Vino Wine Fight in Haro in 2021 is on Tuesday June 30th

La Batalla del Vino Wine in Fight Haro in 2022 is on Wednesday June 29th

How long does the Wine Fight last?

The wine fight starts around 7am in the morning when people head out of Haro town by foot, car or local bus transfer up to the cliffs of Bilibio (5kms out of town). With zero rules, wine is then thrown about with reckless abandon in an orgy of red wine soaked fun. Usually lasting for a couple of hours there is no official start or end time for the festivities although most people will spend an hour or so soaking their mates and other people before heading back to town for showering/swimming and more partying. Locals enjoy campfires and bbq's on the plateau just below where the wine fight is held straight after the event.

What else happens during the Fiesta?

Part of an annual fiesta in the town of Haro, the Wine Fight itself is actually only one event from of a full program of festivities and cultural projects that form an entire week-long celebration. The whole town gets involved in some way and small children to the elderly are out and about in the streets from morning to..well to morning again.

There are parades and theatrical performances, cooking competitions and displays, local awards and music along with many more outdoor and indoor social events. The streets resonate with music, song and dance.

The night before the Wine Fight?

This is the big build-up to the Wine Fight itself and the town centre fills with revellers as the atmosphere builds through the afternoon and evening.

There is a massive stage constructed in one corner of the main town square and bands play from about 11pm right through the night to about 5am when party goers start to think about organising themselves to head out on the trek to the Cliffs of Bilibio for the wine battle. Prior to the live music starting there are dj's pumping out tunes and there are other eclectic performances during the night also. The entire town square sometimes seems to dance and sing as one.

The night after the Wine Fight?

After the conclusion of the Wine Fight many revellers make BBQ's right there at the foot of the Cliffs of Bilibio in the various car parks and the aroma of cooked meat fills the air as well as loud music and dancing.

In the town of Haro itself partying continues throughout the day with many different options for locals and visitors alike. There are still restaurants open everywhere as well as bars and pubs where drinking and dancing continues through the afternoon and into the evening. The town square again is the central focus in the evening and the DJ is back and again the authentic feeling of this Wine Fight fiesta ois so apparant - and its so enjoyable!