Projects should align with the mission, vision, and values of the CO2 Foundation

The mission of the CO2 Foundation is to execute impactful grant-making and communication about the urgent societal risks from extreme weather and the urgent need for evidence-based and effective carbon removal approaches that create a safe, just, and resilient future for all.

The vision of the CO2 Foundation is a near-future of effective climate action, to reduce the risks of catastrophic weather.

Our organization values work that is:

● Evidence-based,

● Advocating for action

● Rooted in justice

● Valuing connection

There are many foundations that fund a broad spectrum of climate-related activities. We do not directly fund work that only seeks to reduce emissions and whose goal is limited to slowing down the consequences. There are few efforts to refocus our attention on extreme weather consequences and the need to cool quickly and we choose to primarily fund those efforts.