Pump Rental FAQ

Q. My insurance will cover a pump for me or I have access to a used one, why should I rent a hospital-grade pump?

A. Some moms encounter circumstances that prevent them from regularly nursing their baby in the early days and weeks of life. To build and maintain a healthy milk supply, regular, efficient milk removal in the early days and weeks are crucial. When baby is unable to do that for whatever reason, the milk supply suffers.

Studies have shown that hospital-grade breast pumps are the best at mimicking what baby does at the breast to stimulate milk production and are most efficient at removing milk. Additionally, they are built to remove milk most efficiently and quickly while also being the most comfortable and gentle on the breast.

Q. Is this breast pump sanitary & safe to use?

A. Yes. The Symphony pump is specially designed and safe for multiple-mom use; every pump is cleaned upon return. The Rental Kit (purchased separately) provides you with the accessories you need for your personal use.

Buying or borrowing a used single-user pump is actually unsanitary and unsafe to use due to the risk of cross-contamination of milk being exposed to the pumping mechanism and parts. Hospital-grade rentals are built with protective barriers that prevent this from happening and are the only pump approved by the FDA for multiple users.

Q. How do I know how long I’ll need it?

A. It’s up to you. Some moms have it for a month, while others continue their rental experience beyond a year. Consult your intuition and lactation consultant for guidance.

Q. What if I want to extend the amount of time or cancel?

A. To extend rental time, contact me any time. To cancel, arrange a time to return the pump for a refund based on the amount of time it was used.

Q. How soon before my due date can I rent a pump?

A. If you know you want to rent a pump and want to have the peace of mind of having it beforehand, you can always contact me and let me know. If there is one available, you're welcome to rent it then, or I can put you on a list to notify if the availability of pumps is becoming limited.

Q. If I start pumping and bottle feeding my baby, will I ever be able to breastfeed them?

A. Every situation is different, but one truth remains the same; your feeding relationship with your baby is not linear or fixed. Working with a board certified lactation consultant (IBCLC) in conjunction with your pump rental can help you work through many of the hurdles you may have early on and will help you towards setting and achieving your breastfeeding goals, whatever they look like for you.