Birth Doula Services

“The whole point of woman-centered birth is the knowledge that a woman is the birth power source. She may need, and deserve, help, but in essence, she always had, currently has, and will have the power.” - Heather McCue

I offer a free, 30 minute, no-obligation consultation (either by phone or in person) to allow you to get to know me, discuss how I can support you and decide whether or not we'd be a good match.

Birth Doula Support Includes:

During Pregnancy

  • Unlimited phone, text and email support - You're welcome to contact me anytime about anything (questions, information, resources, etc.) from the time you hire me all the way up until four weeks after your baby is born.
  • On Call Support - I am on-call beginning at 38 weeks until 42 weeks and can be reached via text or phone call whenever you need me, day or night.
  • Prenatal Meetings - You, your partner (if applicable) and I will have one to two prenatal consultations (1-2 hours each) in your home to discuss your specific hopes, fears, plans and concerns for your specific situation.
        • Prenatal Meeting #1 - Held anytime after we agree to work together or around 28-32 weeks, this first meeting will help us become more comfortable with one another and allow us to navigate your birth preferences in detail as a birth team. We discuss options surrounding birth and decide how we are best going to prepare for this birth together. This helps form a structure for writing your birth plan. Lastly, I am able to provide some supplemental birth education tailored to your specific needs.
        • Prenatal Meeting #2 - Usually held around 34-37 weeks gestation, the second meeting is much more hands on (I highly recommend wearing comfy clothes for this!). We will go over what birth might actually look like, how to identify positive signs of labor, and how to move through challenges that may arise with peace and confidence. We practice comfort techniques, labor movements for home and hospital and pushing positions. Additionally, we can practice pelvic balancing techniques and become familiar with the rebozo for support as well. If there are any other questions or concerns you might have, you'll have the opportunity to address them at this meeting as well.

Labor &


  • Continuous labor support - Whether you'd like support as you labor at home for awhile or you'd like me to meet you at the hospital, I am available to do either. Once I'm with you, I will stay with you for the duration* of your labor until after you have settled in with your new baby.
  • Physical support - I provide hands-on support to help ease the intensity and facilitate the progress of labor. I follow you and your partner's lead and bolster support as needed. Additionally, I provide the practical, logistical support of making sure you're still well supported while your partner takes a quick break or gets some rest if needed.
  • Emotional support - The process of birth is highly driven by emotions and can stir up a great deal of them. I am there to hold space for whatever you may feel in the moment and help you acknowledge and process those emotions in a productive way.
  • Informational support - The details surrounding birth can be unfamiliar and uncertain which can lead to feelings of fear and insecurity. I can provide reassurance about what is normal in labor and how variations can be addressed. Additionally, I can help you advocate for your needs and facilitate discussion with your health care providers to ensure you have the most up-to-date, accurate and thorough information possible regarding your options so that you can be well-informed, empowered and confident prior to making decisions about your birth.
  • Backup doula coverage - While I make every possible effort to be at births, there can be situations that arise that would prevent me from attending or remaining at* your birth. I work with an incredible network of doulas that are available for backup support for those very reasons.

*In circumstances where I am with you for longer than 15 hours, there may be a need for me to call in a backup doula for fresh ideas, support and energy. This is decided on a case by case basis and will be done so with your knowledge.

Postpartum Period

  • Immediate Postpartum
      • Bonding support - During the immediate postpartum time, I will step to the side to allow you and your partner to bond with your new baby while also maintaining the sacred bubble of emotional support for you. If needed, I'm available to walk you through any procedures that need to be performed postpartum so that you don't have to wonder what's happening, you're just able to stay focused on you and your baby.
      • Simple photography - While I am by no means a photographer, I am happy to take photographs periodically when I am not needed in other capacities. That way, you can capture some of those first few moments together as a family to cherish forever.
      • Breastfeeding support - I will be with you as you establish your breastfeeding relationship with your baby (if that is your goal) and am available to advise you with proper latch and holding techniques.
      • Transitional support - I stay with you and your partner until you are moved to a postpartum room or are all settled in and ready to rest.
      • On call phone, text or email support - I am available for any questions, concerns or resource requests that come up for up to four weeks after your birth.
  • Postpartum Meeting
      • A week or two after you arrive home, I will meet with you to check in and see how you all are doing. In this meeting, we will discuss your birth experience and address any questions you or your partner have and clarify any uncertainties from the events and decisions surrounding your birth. Additionally, I can help with any potential feeding questions or concerns, and provide referrals and resources for postpartum support as needed.

Total Investment: $975

I am happy to support both home and hospital, medicated and non-medicated, vaginal or cesarean births. Connect with me about your specific birth ideals and plans to see if we'd be a good match!

Services Available A La Carte:

    • Additional Postpartum Meeting ($45 for 2 consecutive hours) - Has adjusting to life with baby been more difficult than anticipated? I can visit you one additional time after your baby is born and help with whatever you need (dishes, laundry, meal prep, holding baby so you can take a shower, etc.).
    • Planned Cesarean Birth Support ($300) - If you have a planned cesarean birth, I am happy to meet with you one time prenatally to discuss your options and give you the tools needed to advocate for a family-centered birth in the operating room. I am happy to join you the day of your birth and be there to support you as you prepare for and recover from surgery and begin bonding with your baby. I am happy to schedule two postpartum meetings to check in, offer any resources or referrals and support in whatever way you need (dishes, laundry, meal prep, holding baby so you can take a shower, etc.).