Kind Words

"Respecting the woman as an important and valuable human being and making certain that the woman’s experience while giving birth is fulfilling and empowering is not just a nice extra, it is absolutely essential as it makes the woman strong and therefore makes society strong." - Marsden Wagner

From Moms

"The moment we met Bridget, we knew her calm demeanor and easy going attitude was going to be a perfect addition to our birth team. Meeting with her before birth to talk about labor techniques, expectations, and plans put me at ease through the whole process. During labor she was attentive and soothing through each wave and supported both myself and my partner. We highly recommend Bridget!" Danielle F.

“I don’t know what we would have done without Bridget. She provided a wealth of resources and referrals throughout my pregnancy. Her calm, kind demeanor took us through a 36-hour labor with a special grace unique to her personality and composure. Both my husband and I cannot recommend her enough.” - Andrea B.

“Having a doula is something I didn't think of for my first delivery and something I would never go without after my experience with Bridget. She made this experience so much easier, calming and reassuring. My husband was very impressed with Bridget. From her knowledge about childbirth, her network of information and how peaceful it made this experience...he was beyond happy about having her there! Something neither of us will ever forget...She really helped me believe in myself." - Elizabeth T.

"Bridget was an invaluable resource and support in planning for and achieving my goal of having a VBAC. Her calm and confident presence was assuring through the planning process and during labor and through birth. Having her there allowed my husband and I to be a strong team with her as a part of our experience. My husband, a little reluctant about having a doula, but willing to go along with his wife's wishes, said after the birth "Everyone should have a doula." Bridget's support turned him into a believer! There are a lot of options in terms of doula support in the Rochester area, but make no mistake that you are getting one of the best when you choose to work with Bridget." - Danielle B.

“Bridget offered the calm, strong support that I needed so much, allowing my husband to be a daddy and a husband instead of a birth coach. She remembered every detail I had mentioned in our meeting, and brought me through labor with perfect serenity. It was the best experience. Choosing Bridget as your doula will bring peace, support, respect and empowerment to your birth experience.” -Lydia A.

“In the delivery room, she supported not only me, but also my husband. She helped us to really connect during birth, while still bringing this quiet peace into the room...I would wholeheartedly recommend Bridget to any mama preparing for birth. She was so valuable to have in the delivery room!” -Anna V.

From Partners

Bridget came to the hospital and was helpful for me as a dad, when my wife was getting prepped for surgery. She was there when I needed her during our birth experience. Bridget stayed with my wife after the surgery and took her to her room while I accompanied our fresh baby to the newborn nursery unit while they monitored him. I was so grateful that she was there to help us BOTH!” - Joe J.

“Thank you so so much. You were very patient, knowledgeable and resourceful, a constant support and provided excellent info. It was incredibly helpful to have you there. I really don't know how we would've survived otherwise. I'd highly highly recommend you to anyone who is expecting a child.” - Chris B.