The 4 Cs

Developing a Future Ready Classroom With the 4 Cs

The skills connected to collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and creativity are essential for all students. The best classroom activities provide students with opportunities to practice these skills in learner-centered environments. Clicking on each of the links below will bring you to a resource page connected to each concept.

    1. Collaboration - Students need the opportunity to work with their peers in both the physical and digital work-space. A classroom full of students with headphones in front of their screens is a dull place no matter how engaging the activity might be. Students also need to learn that collaboration is more than divide and conquer.
    2. Communication - Personal and digital communication are essential skills that must be developed in a learner-centered classroom. It is also important for students to understand best practices as a "digital citizens" connected to their modes of communication.
    3. Critical Thinking - If the students can "Google" the answer, did I really need to be asking it? Being connected is more than just access to answers. Students also need to develop the skills needed to evaluate and personalize information. Connected learners should be inspired to discover and explore new questions not just search for answers.
    4. Creativity - Creativity in a 1 to 1 classroom is not just creating artistic works. Creativity is using digital tools to find new ways of doing something. Students need to find and explore new ways of learning and creating connected to digital resources.

Resources Connected to the 4 Cs

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Developing a Future Ready Classroom - The 4 Cs

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