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"Literacy implies a fuller understanding and a rounder knowledge. A literate person is aware of multiple information sources, the pros and cons of media forms, and the value and credibility of information. A literate person can process diverse data sources, and suggest macro relevance and micro application of seemingly disparate ideas. "

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Featured Digital Skills Resources

Find lesson plans designed by experts to help young people develop skills needed to navigate the digital world.

Google's Digital Safety Resources for the classroom and home.

Empower your students to make safe, smart, and ethical decisions online.

Learn how to stay safe online and equip your students to become responsible digital citizens with this free and interactive course.

Video course connected to understanding how media manipulates and impacts our daily lives.

Articles and resources connected to digital citizenship in schools.

Google and their partners have compiled a short list of helpful resources for getting to know the web.

Digital Literacy Collaborative Playlist

Foundational digital media literacy concepts.

Videos include tips on teaching with technology, lessons on digital citizenship, and ways teachers can protect students’ privacy on social media.

Find and share resources to help students learn to analyze, evaluate, and communicate in a world with countless media sources and constant access to powerful computers.

Resources for middle school and high school students connected to sorting fact from fiction in the digital age.

Resources for Parents

By parents, for parents: A growing collection of short, clearly written guidebooks that demystify apps, services and platforms popular with kids and teens.

The Family Online Safety Institute brings a unique, international perspective to the potential risks, harms as well as the rewards of our online lives.

Family Link can help you set certain ground rules about technology, but it’s up to you which apps and services your child can use.

Kids of all ages are totally transfixed by screens of all sizes. Welcome to the new frontier of parenting.

Learn about digital citizenship, Internet safety, security, privacy, cyberbullying, sexting, reputation management and more so you can help kids embrace technology safely and wisely.

Keeping the web safe for everyone is a shared responsibility. Learn what you can do to protect yourself and your family online.

Additional Resources Shared By My PLN

This is a resource for grade level teachers to prepare students to use technology appropriately and being mindful of the citizenship skills they already possess.

Learn how to use technology and communicate online in a safe, responsible, and positive way.

Learn about online safety, cyberbullying, netiquette, privacy, copyright, and the norms of appropriate, responsible behavior to help young people consider their digital footprint.

Find and share resources to help students learn to analyze, evaluate, and communicate in a world with countless media sources and constant access to powerful computers.

A list of more than 30 useful digital citizenship resources.

Collection of resources connected to digital citizenship.

Over 75 digital citizenship interactive lessons.

The Teaching Tolerance Digital Literacy Framework offers seven key areas in which students need support developing digital and civic literacy skills.

Digital Intelligence (DQ) is the sum of social, emotional, and cognitive abilities that enable individuals to face the challenges and adapt to the demands of digital life.

The National Association for Media Literacy Education is a national organization dedicated to media literacy.

Research-based safety tips, parents’ guidebooks, advice, news and commentary on all aspects of tech use and policy.

A series of free standards-based lessons. These lessons, for students in grades 4-8, are designed to engage students through inquiry-based activities, and collaborative and creative opportunities.

Tactical Tech's Me and My Shadow project helps you control your data traces, see how you're being tracked, and find out more about the data industry.

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