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Teaching and Learning Resources

Educational technology standards to transform learning and teaching.

Digital learning planning materials, tools, and activities for school leaders.

Resources to support student engagement and curious learners.

Books recommendations connected to teaching and learning.

Blog highlighting teaching and learning at Neuqua Valley.

When information is everywhere, educators must offer a different experience for our students

Digital Citizenship Resources

Learn how to stay safe online and equip your students to become responsible digital citizens with this free and interactive course.

Empower your students to make safe, smart, and ethical decisions online.

Articles and resources connected to digital citizenship in schools.

Google and their partners have compiled a short list of helpful resources for getting to know the web.

. Videos include tips on teaching with technology, lessons on digital citizenship and ways teachers can protect students’ privacy on social media.

Playlist of Videos Connected to Teaching and Learning

The More You Share The More You Learn

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