IOWA testing is May 18th & 19th, 2020! Our testing is open to all homeschoolers not just WOCA members.

To avoid rush ordering, registration must be completed by March 15th. This also gives us the opportunity to fix any mistakes before the day of the test.


White Oak Christian Academy IOWA testing will take place Monday, May 18th & Tuesday, May 19th 8:45am to 1:45pm (approximate end time) at Fredericktowne Baptist Church located 8645 Biggs Ford Road Walkersville Md 21793. It is open to all homeschoolers. We are only administering the FORM E test for $25, not the CogAT portion. There will be a $10 fee per student test for WOCA families to cover the expenses of return shipping, rental, tester fees, and supplies. All non WOCA families pay $20 per student test. Please make checks payable to White Oak Christian Academy (WOCA).

At this time, we are only testing students 3rd grade and up. However if you are interested in 2nd grade, please let Deanna know and she will determine if we have enough students and a tester to administer the test.

Visit www.bjupress.com to purchase your child's test. Select Deanna Brown as your tester (id# 75585382). The tests are mailed directly to your tester not you. Test results are available online just a couple weeks after testing through your Bob Jones online account. Please double check your order before purchasing. If you order the wrong test and it is not discovered until the day of testing, there is nothing we can do to correct it.

By registering as individual families, your IOWA test results will be available online through the Bob Jones website in just two to four weeks.


Register online using the following link. If any additional information is needed, Deanna will contact you directly.

IOWA Test Registration


* Visit www.bjupress.com

* Click on My Account (upper right corner)

* Sign in to your account or create a new account. Please save this information since you will need it to view your test results.

* After signing in, select HOMESCHOOLS at the top of the page.

* Select TESTING (bottom of page)

* Select IOWA BASIC SKILLS TEST (Bottom of page)

* Select the desired grade.

* Select the $29 test (ITBS Form E) for each grade desired.

* Consider ordering a practice test if your child is new to standardize testing.

* Finished selecting all tests, double check the tests in your Cart. Then Click, Checkout

* Enter #75585382 as your tester id, Deanna Brown with a 05/18/20 date. Then select Assign.

* Double check your order one more time, then click OK to the terms.

* Ground shipping is fine if done by our March 1st cut off date

* Click check out again and continue with your payment information.


It is highly recommended that prior to the test, each student review a standardized testing booklet so they are familiar with test question formats. These booklets can be picked up at most educational stores. The preparation test material offered through Bob Jones just familiarizes the students with the format of the test itself not the grade appropriate material.


  1. Be on time each day for latecomers hold up the entire group and lengthen the test schedule.
  2. Feed your child a good breakfast each day since there is a lot of testing to be done.
  3. Snacks should be brought each day for your child.
  4. No eating, drinking or talking is allowed during the testing intervals.
  5. Bathroom runs should be done during the breaks.
  6. Parents may NOT stay in the room during the testing.
  7. There is a testing video available for parents to watch during the test which explains how standard tests are constructed as well as the scoring system.
  8. On each testing day at least two parents will be asked to stay and help the children transition between break times and testing segments as well as handle any problems that may arise.
  9. When you are not on site, please provide a cell phone and emergency contact number to the parent helpers on duty.
  10. If you are running late for either drop off or pick up, please call/text Tina Jacobi, the White Oak Director.

PARENT HELPER DUTIES (at least 2 parents must stay on site during testing):

  1. Maintain quiet in area surrounding the testing rooms.
  2. Make sure children are ready and waiting to begin their test times by encouraging restroom visit and snack intake during break times.
  3. Be prepared to deal with unexpected situations such as a sick, nervous or an upset child. Make sure you have contact information for each child.
  4. Assist at break times by:
    1. Encouraging children to use the restroom.
    2. Being aware of food allergies and have snacks ready and waiting.
    3. Making sure all children wash their hands after eating when we have severe food allergies present.
    4. Ensuring children return promptly to the testing room at the end of each break.


BJU Press Testing & Evaluation is pleased to be able to be the only testing service to offer The Iowa Tests Form C to homeschools and private schools.

The Iowa Tests Form C makes understanding and applying your student's test scores easy. It includes Primary Reading Profile (PRP) score report for Kindergarten through grade 3 and a Lexile® Measurement for grades 1–12. An optional Common Core Comparison (grades 3–12) is available upon request and can be viewed in our sample score reports below.

The Iowa Tests are nationally standardized tests and meet most state requirements. It is available year-round, and you may administer either the complete battery or certain parts of the test.

Test Administration

  • K5–2 (Levels 5–8) must be administered separately by grade.
  • Grades 3–8 (Levels 9–14) may be administered together.
  • Grades 9–12 (Levels 15–18) may be administered together.
  • Note that Level 9 includes two extra subtests—Word Analysis and Listening.

Confidential Results Include Completion Times.

The Iowa Tests Evaluate

  • Norm-referenced scores: standard, grade equivalent, stanine, and percentile rank
  • Graphed achievement percentiles
  • Content cluster skills evaluations
  • Skills performance ratings
  • Score interpretation brochure

K5–Grade 3

  • 3–5 hours over 2 days

Grades 4–8

  • 5.5 hours over 2 days

Grades 9–12

  • 3.5 hours over 2 days
  • Word analysis
  • Reading comprehension
  • Vocabulary
  • Mathematics
  • Language
  • Spelling
  • Social studies/science
  • Listening

Approximate testing time for complete battery