Group Courtesy

Anyone who registers for our activities should make every effort to attend all sessions of the scheduled activity (weather, health and family trips aside). When circumstances beyond one's control arise, the teacher or the activity contact person should be notified as soon as possible of the child's (or children's) anticipated absence. Please give the teachers and volunteers the utmost respect that they deserve, after all, they are sharing their time and talents to enrich your child's life.


All homeschooling guest families are to be invited by a WOCA group member. This group member will be responsible for ensuring their guests follow the behavior guidelines outlined under the Children's and Parent's behavior section listed below. Guest families may join our group on field trips or fellowships, if and only if there is ample space or maximum numbers have not been met after all WOCA members have had an opportunity to sign up. This policy would not apply if you are the contact person for the activity and are sharing this activity with another group. Also, a person who regularly attends our activities may be asked to place membership with our group.

Planning a Field Trip

Field trips are coordinated by group members and scheduled to fit their family's needs. it is not recommended to schedule events for the months of December and May since homeschool families are very busy during those months. To advertise your fieldtrip, send an email around the cooponly loop with your contact information. If it is an activity that requires an advanced reservation based fee (that is unchangable), it is recommended that you collect any money in advance instead on the day of the event.

Field Trip Guidelines and Expectations

1. All students participating in field trips/special events must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. You may not drop your child(ren) off.

2. Please look over all information, considering age appropriateness and other requirements and suggestions, on field trips/special events and ask questions before you sign up. Do NOT sign your child(ren) up if they will be unable to attend. Please do not use the field trip/special event as a form of punishment for you child(ren). Most locations have age, group size and other requirements that we must meet. It is unfair to the other members who are participating, and it reflects poorly on our co-op and homeschoolers in general.

3. If, for some reason, you cannot attend a Field Trip/Special Event that has already been paid for, you will not be reimbursed. If you have “tickets”, please make every effort to make sure someone goes in your place, especially if we have received a group rate for those “tickets.” Empty seats reflect poorly on our group. You may sell your tickets, but if it comes down to it, please consider giving your tickets to someone else. This is YOUR responsibility, NOT the responsibility of the person coordinating that particular field trip/special event.

4. Arrive at the specified location on the day of the field trip/special event at least 10 minutes early so that you can be at our designated area on time and the trip coordinator can organize the group.

5. Parents are responsible for the appropriate behavior of their children and any children they bring. Please be courteous of all tour guides, personnel, building and equipment. Remember that you are a representative of Christ, White Oak and the homeschool community. We do not want our children’s or our own behavior to reflect poorly.

Field Trip/Special Event Guidelines for Children

(Parents, please review this with your child.)

1. Be courteous and polite at all times.

2. Respect all others and the property at the location of the field trip/special event at all times.

3. Obey your parents/teachers and follow all rules at the location of the field trip/special events.

4. Listen carefully and attentively to instructors, guides, and staff.

5. Be patient in waiting your turn.

6. Please be cheerful and do not complain.

7. Be thankful to all those who helped during the field trip/special event. Don’t forget to say “thank you” to the people conducting the class, event, or tour.

Dress Code

All co-op participants, children and adults, must be dressed modestly and appropriately while attending the co-op. If you are unsure if something is appropriate, it is probably wise to choose another item of clothing.

  • Abdomens and backs must be covered.
  • Tight-fitting clothing should be avoided.
  • Sagging pants or visible underwear are not allowed.
  • Shorts must be at least fingertip length when hands are at the sides.
  • Clothing must not have inappropriate slogans or illustrations.
  • Girls that wish to wear dresses should wear shorts under their dresses if engaged in physical activities.

Child Care

WOCA offers a nursery and preschool classes for younger siblings to be occupied and cared for while parents are assisting or teaching classes to the older children.

Children's Behavior

Appropriate behavior of children is expected at all times, as it is our greatest desire to maintain a favorable group reputation and to prevent the elimination of privileges withing the community. There will be absolutely no dropping off of children for field trips, social activities, or any other activities (except middle/high schoolers). Parents are expected to accompany their children at all times. However, in the event of illness of a sibling or unexpected circumstances, a substitute guardian be appointed by the parents for that particular class or field trip. This appointment must be made in writing noting the following information: the reason the parent is absent, whom is in charge of the child(ren), an emergency contact number, and the parent's signature. The parent's plan must also be approved by the director or administrator.

Parent's Behavior

We, as Christian parents, are expected to abide by God's laws as stated in the Bible. Christian oversite for your children is mandatory. Therefore, parents are expected to provide the necessary discipline to their own children. Such discipline should occur immediately to ensure that group order is maintained. Parents are expected to work with the group leadership, group teacher or activity coordinator to correct willfully disrespectful behavior.

Any damages to the facility or charges incurred because of a child's behavior (ie. pulling the fire alarm) are the responsibility of the parents.

Since we are examples to our children, we ask that parents exhibit Godly character during group events as outlined in 1 Timothy 3:

  • Use Edifying Words: No malicious gossip
  • Blameless: Above reproach
  • Vigilant: Temperate, guarding others
  • Sober: Self-controlled, wise, sensible
  • Of Good Behavior: Respectable
  • Given to Hospitality: Hospitible
  • Apt to Teach: Able to teach, teachable
  • No Striker: Not violent, gentle, not quarrelsome
  • Patient: Forbearing, longsuffering
  • Not Covetous: Not a lover of money, not avaricious

Supervising of Children

If at anytime a child were to behave in a willfully disrespectful manner during group classes, please give the child a verbal warning asking them to correct the behavior. (Brief time outs are appropriate for prek children). If the behavior continues, please give the child another warning, letting the child know they will be removed from the class or activity if the behavior continues. On the third occurrence of disrespectful behavior, the child should be removed from the class or activity for that day and given over to their parent's care. The director or administrator should also be notified of the situation. Too many "violations" could lead to suspension from group classes, field trips, or future activities. However, the child would be welcomed back when the child is able to continuously stop the unacceptable behavior.

During co-op classes, field trips, and other activities, we ask that at least two adults are always present. You should avoid being alone with someone's child during our group events. This is for the protection of the adults as well as the children.

For managing bathroom runs, we ask that if at all possible, school age children go to the restroom in groups of three or more. When escorting children to the restroom, stay outside if possible. For preschool age children, have them use the single use preschool restroom if it is available. Never assist children with their clothing unless they ask and always leave the door cracked open. If you notice they need help, talk them through how to do it themselves. Always ask them first if you may assist them. Remember the parents are on site if additional bathroom assistance is needed.