Co-op Info

Weather Cancellations

If Frederick County Public schools are cancelled due to inclement weather, WOCA will also be cancelled.

If the weather is iffy or FCPS is on a delay, our building liaison must contact the church office to determine if the building will be closed for the day. Please watch your email for building closings. In the event we do miss a day due to weather or building closing, we would resume our scheduled lessons on the following Monday. We have make up dates built into our calendar.

Co-op Mission

WOCA's desire is to offer a cooperative experience to the homeschool child that is fun, educational, and offers a good social experience with other like minded children. In this wonderful atmosphere, we provide academic courses to make it worth you while to leave your home on a school day. We strive to pull our resources to present courses that are more difficult to do alone or more fun to do in a group like science, art, literature, physical education, social studies, etc.

Co-op Family vs Drop Off

Co-op Family membership is less expensive but requires parents to stay on site and help or teach classes. This is the only class option for families who wish to include children who are prek - 5th grade. However, parents of middle and high school students can choose our drop off option. This choice is more expensive but, parents can leave their child and are not required to assist or teach a class.


Classes are held for ten consecutive Mondays. Please reserve two extra Mondays for make up days. Please see our calendar for more information on meeting days. Co-op classes are available for children Kindergarten through high school with prek and nursery available for younger siblings.


WOCA cooperative classes will take place at Fredericktowne Baptist Church located at 8645 Biggs Ford Rd. Walkersville MD 21793. See Directions

Course Fees

Most of our classes have fees attached to them due to the cost of curriculum, project supplies, copying, and student books. Individual class fees run between $2 and $100 per student per class. Course fees are in addition to registration fees. The full registration fee is due by the first day of classes. Class fees for drop off students are also due of the first day of classes; however, class fees for our co-op families may be paid in three installments by the 10th of each month. There is a $10 late fee if payments are not made on time and if lateness becomes a pattern, you may lose the opportunity to make payments.

Class Periods

For our PreK and Elementary classes, we offer 55 minute class periods: 10am, 11am, 12pm, a 1-1:30pm lunch break, and PE/Games starting at 1:30. To better accommodate the needs of our middle and high school students, we modify our class schedule to include a longer science period of 1 1/2 hours with lunch at 11:15-11:55 and two 55 min classes following.

Teacher Supplies

Bags of classroom supplies have been created. Each bag holds enough supplies for about 10 students. These general supplies include pencils, markers, glue sticks, paper, etc. Other supplies such as folders, construction paper, craft supplies, paints, etc. are stored in our metal cabinets. Please contact one of the hall monitors to let them know if additional supplies need to be purchased. Before purchasing supplies for your class, please check the supply cabinets.

Teacher Reimbursement

Because we have communal class supplies, co-op provided books (for some classes), and shared copying expenses, teachers do not automatically get the fees charged for use in their classes. Each class has a budget for the teacher's expenses. This is determined by the administrator. Teachers must see the administrator to find out the budgeted amount for their class. Teachers must submit receipts to the administrator for reimbursement. We are unable to reimburse expenses without a receipt or expenses that exceed the budget.

If you have a large item to purchase or would prefer to not pay for supplies up front, our administrator can pick up or order items for you with advanced notice. All items reimbursed with co-op funds will become the property of the co-op and added to our inventory. This method of accounting allows us to track expenses for proper class pricing as well as sharing resources so we are not wasteful.

Co-op Etiquette

It is our desire to be a blessing to the community, to Fredericktowne Baptist Church as well as to each other. Church staff are normally working on the premises most days when co-op is in session. Continued use of the building is dependent on our care and respect of their facility. Everyone's efforts to ensure well-behaved children and a clean facility are needed.

Behavioral Problems

If at anytime a child were to behave in a willfully disrespectful manner during group classes, please give the child a verbal warning asking them to correct the behavior. (Brief time outs are appropriate for prek children). If the behavior continues, please give the child another warning, letting the child know they will be removed from the class or activity if the behavior continues. On the third occurrence of disrespectful behavior, the child should be removed from the class or activity for that day and given over to their parent's care. The director or administrator should also be notified of the situation. Too many "violations" could lead to suspension from group classes, field trips, or future activities. However, the child would be welcomed back when the child is able to continuously stop the unacceptable behavior.


Check your email each week for information on what you will need to bring each week or other information the teachers want to pass along to the parents. TEACHERS, please post any homework assignments by Tuesday morning of each week so the parents have time to plan for their student to do the work. If you do not have email, please recruit a friend to call you with this information. If you are not able to attend co-op one day or are running late, please CALL or text the director on her cell phone so we have ample time to find a substitute for your parent jobs. Email is normally not checked the morning of co-op.

Chronic Lateness

Chronic lateness is a lifestyle that seems to plague the same families year after year, field trip after field trip. However, something can be done to overcome this. It is just a decision you have to make for your family. Your lateness affects everyone around you especially at co-op. If you believe you will arrive after 10am, please call in so we know your are on your way. It takes a lot of coordination to run ten classes each hour so your promptness to co-op is most appreciated. Opening assembly starts at 9:50 each co-op day. Do your best to not be late!

Please read the article below for encouragement on how you can be cured from the habitual problem of lateness.

Treats from Teachers

Several children in our co-op have food allergies and sensitivities. Many of these food allergies are less obvious ingredients. For this reason, please speak to the child's parents before serving any special snacks or treats during co-op classes. Give parents the opportunity to provide an alternative for their child or, if possible, discuss options for a more appropriate group snack.

In Between Class Snacks

For some children, three hours (10am-1pm) may be a long time to go without a small snack. Children may carry a small, quick, non-messy snack with them in their backpacks. This snack will be at the beginning of the 11am class hour as directed by the teacher. Please remind children not to share snacks as allergies are a real concern.

Weekly Snack for Prek

Each week, parents should should send an individual no-prep snack and a closed top drink for their prek child. Snack time will occur during the end of each class time to distract from helper/teacher change over. Prek helpers/teachers will do their best to ensure children do not share food.

Food Allergies

Please be extra careful with your children and food during co-op events. Our co-op usually has a child or two on site with life threatening food allergies. All lunches should be closed and not eaten except in the lunch area. After any class where food is part of the course, please have the children thoroughly wash their hands before going to their next class. Any food creations should be left in the classroom until lunch and not carried around the building. Also, be sure to have your child wash their hands before and after lunch, since children will be sharing sports equipment and supplies. NOTE: White Oak is a nut free co-op.

Lunch Periods

Everyone is encouraged to bring a bag lunch including a drink and leave it in the family drop off spot before co-op starts. We offer two different lunch periods. From 11:15-12:00, the middle and high school students will have a combined lunch/open gym time. From 1:00-1:30, prek through 5th grade have lunch with an organized gym and game time from 1:30-2:15. We ask that children stay seated with open food and wash hands after meals due to children with food allergies. If you choose to stay for lunch, EVERYONE WHO EATS IS REQUIRED TO GATHER UP THEIR OWN TRASH FROM THE TABLE, CHAIR, AND FLOOR; THROW AEAY THEIR OWN TRASH; AND WIPE THEIR EATING AREA BEFORE BEING RELEASED FOR GYM/GAMES. At the end of lunch, every person is required to move their belongings to the main hall so we can promptly clean the lunch room when lunch has ended.

Illness and Co-op

While it is important to come to co-op as often as possible, we understand that people do get sick. We will miss you; however, no one wants to bring home any bug you may share. Please also be considerate of teachers by not sending cranky young preschoolers with colds. We will make it through without you. Please just contact us so we can make arrangements for substitute teachers. If you need to stay home with a sick child, you may choose to send a school age child to coop; however, you will need to arrange it with another parent who is willing to take responsibility for your child. Sonya will need a note from you with your emergency contact information, who will be responsible for the child, and who will be picking up your child. Again, this option is only for school aged children.


Parent Requirements

Each parent with a child in co-op is required to teach one course during the school year. Some high school classes are year long and this would count as your one course. You will also be required to serve as a helper or teacher for each hour as well as hold a set up and/or clean up job. We will also continue with our policy of NO CHILD (regardless of age) is allowed to be unsupervised at any time. Your child is to be either in an appropriate class or with their parent. This policy must be enforced for insurance reasons.