webDip Info

Welcome! This site contains information on all of the tournaments hosted at WebDiplomacy.net as well some other useful and fun information for members of the site.


We host a variety of different tournaments for the board game Diplomacy. These tournaments are generally based on the classic map, but some are for the 1 vs 1 variants on the site. An up to date listing of all upcoming tournaments can be found at https://www.webdiplomacy.net/contrib/phpBB3/viewforum.php?f=10. This is also where you can sign up for any tournaments that have not yet started. If you have any questions on tournaments please email the moderator team at webdipmod@gmail.com

This site also contains the official Ghost Rankings, a secondary rating system for members of the site to judge their site standing.

  • Discussing identities in anon games is not allowed.
  • Do not have press outside the game if the game is anonymous or press limited.
  • Follow all the normal site rules in the tournament time.
  • Read the tournament's rules carefully, they can be weird and you are expected to follow them if you decide to join.
  • Games may be slowed down with pauses or Wait for Orders to prevent missed turns.
  • As with all mod/admin decisions if you disagree with a TD's decision you can appeal it directly to an admin or owner.
  • All Tournaments will have a point prize even if the TD does not mention it in signup's. If one is not mentioned it will likely be 1,000 for 1st, 750 for 2nd, and 500 for 3rd with a banner for the winner for a couple of days.

Running Tournaments:

If you are interested in running an existing tournament, or in starting a new tournament please contact the moderator team and fill out this questionnaire to help you get started.