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Your ruler Jupiter is now in Capricorn, which rules your money, and offers open doors, opportunities and breakthroughs, timed for around June 30th. That is when Jupiter joins Pluto, a symbol of tremendous change and the chance for the controls to be shared in a new way. It makes sense to double-check the reality of your possessions, assets and accounts at this time. As a business arrangement, house, flat, substantial sum of money or precious item could be on the line, think about the value of empowerment. What would you pay to hold the reins, or at least share the reins in a better way with him, her or them? You also have an eclipse on June 21st, best avoided, so put that in your diary now. It is always a blind spot.

Monthly Horoscope...

June 2020 Sagittarius Horoscope

A whole new world awaits you, Sagittarius—and your life may not look the same after this month is over! On June 5, a flagship lunar (full moon) eclipse will land in YOUR sign, kicking off an 18-month cycle of personal growth and expansion. Eclipses shake up business as usual and push us rapidly onto a new path. This is the first one in your sign since May 2013, so get ready for a powerful reinvention tour!

And that’s only a small part of what’s on tap this June. There’s a second eclipse later in the month, and two planets (Mercury and Neptune) turn retrograde, joining an already retrograde Venus, Jupiter, Saturn AND Pluto. On the one hand, the eclipses will add rocket fuel to your goals. But you’ll have to navigate possible roadblocks or red tape from these other cosmic backspins. Big ideas might need to be rolled out in phases, and it could take longer than usual to get responses from certain key players. If you’re already fielding pandemic-related delays, this could be frustrating. Practice patience and keep at it!

While you do that, look around: Who could be a good ally or champion for your cause? The Sun is visiting Gemini and your seventh house of partnerships until June 20, meaning dynamic duos can thrive this month. Your closest alliances are up for review with Venus, the planet of love and harmony, retrograde in Gemini from May 13 until June 25. Since last month, you’ve been sorting through what you need from your inner circle and renegotiating the terms with everyone. If you’ve got a contract to sign, make sure to read the fine print—and try to ink your name before Mercury turns retrograde on June 18

With the Sun at its farthest position in the sky from you (Gemini’s your opposite sign), you might be a little more tired than usual. Take that as your cosmic cue to lean on your support system. Hold the people on Team Sagittarius accountable instead of defaulting to your famous Sagittarius line, “I’ll just do it myself.”

Back to that June 5 Sagittarius lunar eclipse: Not only does it deliver a monumental boost to your personal goals and passion projects, but it’s also the first in a series of groundbreaking eclipses that will land on the Gemini/Sagittarius axis between now and December 2021. These lunar lifts will transform the relationship between “me” and “we,” reshuffling your individual desires and your closest ties. If you’re tipped too far into the independent arena, the eclipses will carve out space for companionship. And if you’ve sacrificed your own dreams or desires to support everyone else’s, they’ll remind you to put yourself back into the equation!

Your bonds come under the microscope beginning on June 20, when the Sun kicks off its monthlong visit to Cancer and your eighth house of merging, intimacy and shared resources. You could feel more private now, in the mood for quality time with a handful of people rather than the bustling crowds you’ve missed for most of this year. (Don’t worry, you’ll be back out there again—in some way or another—after July 22!) This is also an excellent time for research and focused work. Dive into your cocoon and get it done.

Horoscope 2020

Ready to active abundance and a solid source of income? Your Sagittarius 2020 horoscope gives you a clearly defined flight path after a year of extreme exploration. This could be your wealthiest year in over a decade. But, there’s a catch…

Good news in 2020: your focus will be as sharp as a ninja’s throwing star. For this you have your galactic guardian, Jupiter, to thank—along with power brokers Pluto and Saturn, who are co-piloting the mission. Your red-spotted ruler will spend all of 2020 in Capricorn and your rooted second house. The last time these three heavy hitters aligned was 1284-5 C.E., so yes, this is kind of a big deal. Draft your blueprint for success and you’ll keep the coffers filled for years to come.

As a Sagittarius, you have two favorite speeds: fast and faster. Cautious Capricorn, on the other hand, cruises along like a luxury car, totally capable of racing ahead, but only hitting peak acceleration when it’s time for a victory lap. With the Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto trio assembled in earthy, material-minded Capricorn, you may feel a bit out of your element—even when you are knocking the ball out of the park. Winning 2020 will require the fine art of patience, which is not inherently a Sagittarius specialty. You’ll have to remind yourself (over and over) that being a tortoise instead of a hare is the fastest way to the finish line. Just try not to bite your nails down to the quick while you wait for results to roll in!

Career and Money

For many Archers, 2019 brought its share of stops and starts, so you’re already used to this “one foot on the gas, the other on the brake” routine. Saturn has been trudging through Capricorn since December 19, 2017, forcing you to work at a measured pace. Despite that, you spent a good part of 2019 barreling down the astrological Autobahn, as daredevil Jupiter raced through Sagittarius from November 8, 2018 through December 2, 2019. That once-per-decade voyage was heaven for your indie spirit. Along with an overwhelming desire for freedom, you were hellbent on breaking past a stultifying plateau. (And we’re betting you did just that!)

As you greet 2020, you could have a great reason to raise a bonus champagne toast. Maybe you landed a plum new job or raised a round of venture capital. Did you get married, end a bad romance or discover a shared purpose with your S.O.? Relocate to a joy-inducing zip code that feels “so Sagittarius”? Maybe you overcame a limiting belief that was holding you back financially or emotionally. Pop that cork and send up some gratitude to the universe!

While you probably won’t have a ton of dramatic updates to report in 2020, you are poised for a payoff, resulting from the strategic risks you took in 2019. The only catch? Remembering that the “discovery phase” has drawn to a close. As the new decade dawns, head to the drafting table and start running your visionary schemes through the project management filter.

Love and Relationships

Simultaneously, the moon’s fateful North Node will dwell in Gemini and your seventh house of partnerships from May 5, 2020 until January 18, 2022. A soulmate (or soul friend) relationship could emerge, adding a powerful dimension into your life.

Love planet Venus also takes an extended tour through Gemini and your seventh house of partnerships from April 3 through August 7. Due to a retrograde from May 13 to June 25, Venus will hover in this sign four times longer than she does on the average year. While this may drive up some buried issues within your closest relationships, the planetary peacemaker and diplomat is here to support you. Don’t just smooth over rough edges! Use the retrograde to get to the root of any recurring breakdowns. Then reconstruct your most important bonds according to a new, shared vision.

Best LOVE Compatibility...

Sagittarius and Aries Love Compatibility - 80%

These Sagittarius and Aries two signs form a couple that is one of its kind. Both these signs are social and maintain strong relationships with the outside world. Hence, their pair looks extremely attractive to the onlooker and will easily be the source of exuberance in their social circle.

Both Sagittarius and Aries have an uninhibited sense of excitement in them. They have the knack of looking at the world with optimism and are quiet idealistic in their approach to most things.

The Arian is drawn to the untamed energy and ebullience of the Sagittarian personality. The Archer, on the other hand, admires the Ram for its strength, power, and extreme self-belief. Their bond is one that can turn very passionate and intense in a small amount of time. It will be exciting for both the partners and no matter how much time they spend with each other, there will never be a dull moment in this all-fire equation!

The relationship between Sagittarius and Aries will be intense on both physical and emotional fronts. They will share enviable sexual chemistry with each other and are most likely to fly in terms of physical intimacy. Their emotional connect will also be very deep and strong. They will rely in each other on the psychological front and will open up in the relationship very soon.

They are both drawn to adventure and excitement. This means that they will always come up with shared activities that make them both happy and content. The idealistic side of the Arian and the philosophical nature of the Sagittarian will blend together to form a concoction of intellectual, poignant, and deep-ranging conversations between the two. They are thus likely to enjoy each other’s company whether they go out together or decide to have a quiet dinner at home!

Sagittarius and Leo Love Compatibility - 80%

Sagittarius and Leo are both social animals who love to opine strongly on anything and everything. There is instant attraction between the two as they have a lot in common. Their energies are always on the same frequency and they have a sense of understanding between them.

Leo and Sagittarius are both very spontaneous signs. They trust their gut over logic sometimes and prefer to act before thinking more often than not. Hence, their relationship with each other might move extremely fast.

They are optimistic signs who will do or say everything in their power to encourage each other to achieve the highest of heights. The courage, excitement and energy exhibited by the Sagittarius will attract the Leo. On the other hand, the powerful presence and gracious nature of the Lion will make sure that the attraction is not one-sided.

These two fire signs form one of the most compatible pairs of the zodiac chart. Sagittarius man and Leo woman and vice-versa are both passionate and it is very easy for them to fall for each other.

Their similar personalities and immense dedication to each other is what makes their bond strong, powerful, and in many cases, unbreakable.

They have no problem in maintaining clear and free-flowing communication in the relationship. They believe in honesty and will never cower behind silence when they have something in their minds. This helps uphold a sense of positivity and trust in the relationship.

While there might be a few blips in the Sagittarius Leo relationship, they are certainly one of the most compatible couples when it comes to astrological studies. They can bring the best out of each other and shine in the light of their positive all exciting relationship. If and when they know how to adapt to understand each other in difficult times, their bond will be a force that will slam obstacles out of the way and that too, with extreme ease and efficiency!

Sagittarius and Libra Love Compatibility - 85%

Sagittarius and Libra are both magnetic signs. They can attract people to themselves with a lot of ease. In fact, they are both particularly skilled at making people do what they want. They have the gift of the gab, and can talk their way out of the stickiest situation. Now, that we know how dangerous they both are, we know that they are sure to cross paths and be attracted to each other as well.

In the relationship compatibility, Sagittarius and Libra would be a great love match. While the Sagittarius isn’t as balanced as the Libra, they are pragmatic in their approach. Both signs are mediocrely emotional, and know how to keep it under the wraps. As such, this relationship will not see many tears, but the sense of humour that both the signs possess, will lead to a great deal of laughter in this match.

With great laughter, often comes a great sex life! Both Sagittarius Libra are quite sensual by nature and are always open to sexuality in any form. Needless to say, they will enjoy their escapades in bed for a very long time.

What we already know is that all differences aside, this pairing is a good one. Libra and Sagittarius signs are bound to find an ethereal connect with each other. This would make the relationship magical.

The protective instincts of the Sagittarius and the practical nature of the Libra come together beautifully. Libra’s fear of confrontation can be appeased by the nurturing and compassionate nature of the Sagittarius. This would mean that the Libra would feel no need to lie, keeping the Sagittarian peeve of dishonesty at bay.

Sagittarius Libra relationship can be beautiful. However, both people need to make sure that they maintain dynamism in the relationship. Doing activities together, as well as giving each other space to explore the world on their own, so that they have something to come back and talk about, is the best way to make this relationship last in the best way possible.

Sagittarius and Sagittarius Love Compatibility - 82,5%

It is a great feeling to watch the Sagittarius and Sagittarius love match blossoming. It is like watching a child grow. They play with each others' convictions and shared values so casually it is amazing. Even when they happen to disagree, it is most likely that they will just laugh it off and forget all about it in the space of just a couple of hours. They not only love each other, they want each other to love the whole humankind. When they are in love with each other, they get so absorbed in it that it is like they are in a dreamland.

Sagittarius-Sagittarius Sexual Compatibility:

Being a mutable sign, the Sagittarius-Sagittarius sexual compatibility could be a short-lived affair. Given their penchant for being superficial, and quickly changing their preferences, it is quite likely that they will both have a string of one-night stands or may indulge in casual sex too often. However, they are still likely to be intimate with each other, but they will have to remain very cautious because at the slightest hint of an emotional problem, they are likely to get up and move on.

The most positive aspects of this Sagittarius and Sagittarius relationship compatibility is that they make a generous and idealistic pair with a scintillating sense of humor. When these two of a kind with shared interests get together, They will indulge in exciting, passionate and intellectual discussions in which they can be totally themselves without having to put on any airs. Sagittarius man and Sagittarius woman both wan to be satisfied and happy, with no ulterior motives, no manipulation, deceit or impurities.

Observing a Sagittarius and Sagittarius relationship can by itself be a very elevating experience, as they are so lovey-dovey to each other, apart from sharing most of their ideas and values. They are usually very agreeable to each other, but even at the times that they hit upon a disagreement, they are likely to agree to disagree and just laugh it off. It is easy to adapt themselves to each others' follies and adjust and compromise in the the best interests of preserving the relationship.

Sagittarius and Aquarius Love Compatibility - 85%

The archer and the water-bearer have enough in common for them to be drawn to each other. This attraction might even turn into a serious and committed relationship between Sagittarius and Aquarius, if both play their cards right.

Their mutual love for adventure, excitement and progression makes the two of them connect immediately and is instrumental in them finding an array of shared interests. Aquarius star sign is a sign that is extremely unprejudiced and will never judge people based on bias. Sagittarius follows suit to be one of the most open-minded signs of the zodiac, thereby making its association with the water-bearer a sensible match.

The communication between the two signs is easy, sleek and unabridged. There are no barriers in their verbal contact with each other and that is the biggest plus to the success of their relationship.

Aquarius is clever, while Sagittarius is philosophical. Their conversations are intellectually stimulating for both and given their love for spontaneity, can take turns in unprecedented directions. Considering the love that both Sagittarius and Aquarius signs harbour for surprises, this engages them even more. That's how natural it is for words to flow uninhibited between these two souls!

Their shared zest for life makes them connect on another level and the high level of honesty in both Aquarius and Sagittarius helps the relationship stand on a strong central pillar of trust.