Next Training Session 14th August, 2024

We are pleased to open the registration for the 6th online training session for women's teams, on 

Wednesday 14th of August, 2024, 19:30 CEST.

In this session we will have the pleasure of hosting Christina Lund Madsen

a professional bridge player from Denmark.
(Registration via Women's Coordinators)

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240 women from 20 countries across Europe In July's Online Training

On July 10th, 2024 we conducted the 5th training session for 2024 (On the RealBridge platform).

Our guest coach this time was Tim Verbeek, a professional Bridge player from the Netherlands, who was kind enough to give up watching the important soccer (😀) game and instead, shared his professional knowledge and tips with us.

Tim chose a very interesting set of boards from which we all learned much. So thank you Tim, for your tremendous contribution to Women's Bridge.🙏

🏆We congratulate team David (England) and team Cheung (Wales) who were ranked in the top 2 places, well done!

More details about the program can be found Here

What a wonderful sight!

During the opening ceremony of the 56th European Teams Championship held in Herning (July 27th, 2024), the winners of the 1st EVER European Online Championship for Women's Teams, were awarded medals and monetary prizes.

The medals and prizes were awarded by Oryah Meir (Chair of the EBL's Women's Bridge Committee) & Emmanuelle Monod (a member of the EBL's Women's Bridge Committee).

Oryah Meir: "I'm delighted to see our vision taking shape. 

More trainings, opportunities and events for women ➡️ more women improving their Bridge skills➡️ increasing their confidence ➡️ participating in national and international championships".

Are you one of the lucky ones who participated in our last Training Session for women?

On June 12th, 2024 we conducted the 4th training session for 2024 (On the RealBridge platform).

We were delighted to host 248 women from 24 different countries across Europe (amazing!)

For the second time, we were fortunate to host the wonderful coach Pierre Schmidt, a French professional Bridge player, who's name proceeds him. Pierre agreed to share his enormous knowledge with us once again. This time he focused on the card play and his tips were clear and extremely valuable as always. Thank you Pierre, for your tremendous contribution to Women's Bridge.

🏆 We congratulate team Akarcalıoğlu (Türkiye) and team Lancu (Romania) who were ranked in the top 2 places, well done!

🗓️ Save the Date - our next session will be on July 10th, with Tim Verbeek.

And the winners are…the "German Ladies"!

48 teams (that's almost 280 players) participated in the first ever European Online Women's Teams Championship, which was conducted on the RealBridge platform.

In the final stages the teams were divided into groups of 8.

The top ranked 8 teams qualified for the final A bracket and played a round robin.


❤️ To the first ever EBL's Women's Teams Online Champions – the"German Ladies" team: Annaig Della Monta, Barbara Hackett, Ingrid Gromann, Karin Wenning, Mieke Plath, Susanne Kriftner, who achieved first place and won the 2024 Gold medal (93.82 VPs).

❤️ The Silver medal for 2024 went to the "Istanbul" team from Türkiye: Asli Acar, Berrak Erkan, Dilek Yavas, Ebru Ates, Irem Ozbay (88.59 VPs).

❤️The Bronze medal for 2024 went to the "Valkyrie" team from England: Diana Nettleton, Fiona Brown, Helen Erichsen, Nevena Senior, Nicola Smith, Sally Brock, NPC David Burn (82.00 VPs).

The 2 first ranked teams also won vouchers in the amount of €2,400 per team, for use in EBL's face-to-face events, during the next 2 years.


♦️The winners of final B - Team Poland (81.15 VPs)

♦️The winners of final C - Team Czech Republic (91.86 VPs)

♦️The winners of final D - Team Hungary (93.35 VPs)

♦️The winners of final E – Team Austria (99.46 VPs)


We commend the RealBridge platform, which provided optimal conditions for this prestigious Championship and obviously huge thanks go to Shireen Mohandes and Andy Bowles, who worked timelessly to ensure the success of the Championship. Their creativity, dedication, and devotion are always outstanding.

Thanks also go to everyone who was involved - Fotis Skoularikis, Catherine Vitry, Anna Newton, and our wonderful TDs - Jeanne Van Den Meiracker (Chief TD) and Jacek Marciniak (Deputy Chief TD), who were on the spot at all times.


Here are some of the comments we received after the Championship (you are welcome to comment and share your thoughts as well):

💭 "Thank you very much for your organization and efforts to put on such a wonderful tournament. There was only one flaw: 

my team didn't win 😊"

💭 "Brilliant and so well organized - thank you so much!!"

💭 "Big thanks from the Czech Republic. We used the opportunity to connect adult and youth women players in one team which 

cannot happen live for now".

💭 "A remarkable experience that will help the girls a lot in Poland next month!”

💭 "Thank you for your work and your dedication! Beautiful tournament! Congrats to the winners"

💭"Well done to Oryah and EBL Committee, Shireen, Andy and RealBridge and the TD team on a super event. What a great few days!"


And finally, it's our turn to thank you, our wonderful female bridge community, we are so proud of you and we look forward to seeing you once again participating in our future events.

We continue with our mission to promote Women's Bridge,

EBL's Women's Bridge Committee.

Dear women Bridge players,

Have you ever been part of an official EBL championship?

Now you have the opportunity to play for an EBL title

Come to Herning and enjoy the experience of official European championships, meet the best players in the world, be part of the Bridge bubble and above all enjoy our great game (...and maybe take home a medal!)

All you have to do is to pick up your favorite partner (she needs to be from your same country) and register to the 12th European National Women’s Pairs Championship.

The Championship will be played in Denmark, at the MCH Herning Kongrescenter, from Monday 24 June to Thursday 27 June, right before the Women's, Seniors' and Mixed Teams Championships start (Open teams will start their Championship on 24 June as well).

For more information visit the official website or send us an e-mail with your questions and we will be happy to assist.

Women's Bridge Committee

Thanks to David Gold, we now have almost 300 new Bridge Detectives!

On April 10th, 2024 we conducted the second session of our Online Training Program for Women (On the RealBridge platform).

We were delighted to host almost 300 women from 24 different countries across Europe – and again, we broke a new record.

Our guest coach was David Gold, an English professional Bridge player and thanks to his clear and detailed tips and explanations, we now have almost 300 new Bridge detectives looking for clues that will help them crack the enigma of each board.

We congratulate team Luessmann (Germany) and team Rosety (Spain) who were ranked in the top 2 places, well done!

For more details about the program's schedule, coaches and how to join, please check HERE

The 3rd Training Session for Women - with Sophia Baldysz 

On May 8th, 2024 we conducted the 3rd training session of our Online Training Program for Women (On the RealBridge platform).

We were delighted to host almost 250 women from 23 different countries across Europe.

Our guest coach was Sophia Baldysz , a Polish professional Bridge player, who gave a very instructive and eye opening lecture about the Declarer's play in some of the boards we played.

We congratulate team Benz (Switzerland) and team Bulkaz (Turkiye) who were ranked in the top 2 places, well done!

More details about the program can be found HERE. 

The EBL's Online Training Program for Women is back!

Yesterday, March 13th, 2024 we launched the second cycle of our successful training program for women.

In this session we were delighted to host 232 women from 24 different countries across Europe – WOW this sets a new sensational record.

We also had some interesting team cooperation such as – Finland & Serbia Ireland & Scotland but the most exciting and exemplary cooperation was between Türkiye and Israel. If only the leadership from these countries could follow our example…

Our first guest coach was the amazing Giorgia Botta, an Italian professional Bridge player who gave her insights on the theme of the day - Suit Preference in very informative, clear and fun explanations.

We all just fell in love with Giorgia and her vibrant personality, so thank you Giorgia for a wonderful session.

We congratulate team Pagu (Romania) and team Oras (Estonia) who were ranked in the top 2 places, well done!

We would like to take this opportunity to extend special thanks to all the people who helped bring this project to life –

The RealBridgeidge managers ֲShireen Mohandes Mohandes, Andy Bowles,

Tournament Directors ( Marc van Beijsterveldt, Paola Gennaro)

and the wonderful National Women's Coordinators.

Women's Bridge is on the Map!


The NBO seminar, organized by the EBL, is a particularly important conference, not only in terms of networking, but mainly serves as a platform to exchange views, opinions, new initiatives, and understand the trends and evolving processes in the world of Bridge where we all can meet the challenges head on together, towards finding the best operative solutions.

It was a pleasure to finally meet many of the Women's Coordinators, face to face, to put faces to names and discuss important topics, common to us all and this time, not through a computer screen.

Women's Bridge in the seminar

Women's Bridge played an important central role in the seminar's program.

One of the highlights of the conference was awarding a certificate of appreciation and the title of "Women's Coordinator of the Year 2023" to Helle Rasmussen, the Danish Women's Coordinator.

Helle had a significant contribution to promoting Women's Bridge in Denmark and in Europe and we wanted to acknowledge her sterling and dedicated work.

In addition, we were encouraged to discover that the WBC's actions and spirit is being embraced by the NBOs and has motivated substantial change and actions, which are already noticeable.

WBC's plan for 2024

In the seminar we also presented the WBC's plans for 2024, including:

👉 Opening another tournament of Online Training Program for women (starting March 2024)

👉 Holding the 1st Online Women's Team European Championship (beginning June 2024),

👉 Holding the 2nd Women's Champion's Cup (November 2024)

👉Presenting a new Women's fund for assisting and supporting organizations in promoting Women's Bridge and much more.

More details about these events will be published in details soon so stay tuned.

Bridge Events for Women in 2024

2nd cycle of the Online Training Program for women 

Will begin with the first training session on 13th March 2024. (RealBridge)

1st European Online Women's Team Championship

Will be held from 7th to 9th June, 2024 (RealBridge)


2nd Women's Champions' Cup 

Will be held in November 2024 (Italy)