Wayne Elementary Library needed to update the Dr. Seuss collection. WEB to the rescue! Oh the places you’ll go when you read Dr. Seuss.

Wayne Elementary Boosters (WEB) donated $4,000 to the elementary school to update the nonfiction book collection. School librarian, Joan Hansen, used the funds to purchase close to 250 hardcover books with titles like, “Chemistry is Explosive,” and “Inventing the Hybrid Car.” Students have been actively checking these new books out since the start of school. Pictured with Mrs. Hansen in the school’s library are WEB volunteers Kari Cliff, Liesel Powicki, Sandy Brown, Vicky Owen, Becky Zavada, and Erin Palu.

How do we raise funds?

Our biggest fundraisers are the Fun Run and the two silent auctions held at our dances, but here are other ways we raise funds:

  • Sales of T-shirts, car decals & stickers: Show your school spirit with our Lil’ Blue mascot. At Open House, you can buy car decals and wall stickers or check out sample sizes to order t-shirts and hoodies by Aug 25. We now take credit cards!

  • Wayne Herald Subscriptions: Did you know your child’s picture may be in the paper for music, sports, or more? Sign up as a new subscriber to the Wayne Herald and WEB earns 10% of the 1 st year’s subscription. Forms are at school or online.

  • Shutterfly: When you shop at our Shutterfly storefront,, WEB earns 13% of all sales. In 3 years, we raised over $600 from this site, enough for WEB to pay for the 6th graders’ admission to the Omaha Zoo in May.

What does WEB do with the money from fundraisers?

WEB supports our students and school in a variety of ways, such as hosting events like our Open House dinner, dances, and family nights; giving every student a book at the end of the year, at a cost of $1,800; purchasing classroom supplies; and showing appreciation to staff. Last year we donated $6,500 to upgrade the sound system in the gym, and $4,000 for new non-fiction books in the library! You can always see our financial reports on our website for details.

What other ways can I help the school with fundraising and supplies?

  • Runza Nights: Runza donates 15% of all food sales from 5-8 pm directly to the school, usually $400-$500 each time.

  • Pac N Save Receipts: When you shop at Pac N Save from September - April, put your receipts in the Elementary box at the store and Pac N Save will donate a portion of the sales directly to the school - a whoppin’ $800 last year!

  • Box Tops: Save box tops and put them in the bin by the office. Last year, this program earned $900 for the school.

  • Best Choice Save-A- Label: Put UPC labels from Best Choice brands in the box at school and earn 3¢ per label. It adds up!

  • Apple Tree: Choose an apple off the tree to purchase needed items for a teacher.

  • School Supplies: Donate extra school supplies to your teacher’s classroom at Open House or during the year.