Family Art Night


Nearly 200 people attended Family Art Night last April - our biggest turnout for family night yet! Kids made incredible pendulum paintings, mosaic circles, trees of life, egg carton flowers and more. WEB Mom Kristi Hanau painted 50 faces, and we went through almost 8 gallons of ice cream. Thank you to Mrs. Tompkins for all her work and to the parents and students who volunteered their time at the event.


Thank you to all who came out for WEB's Family Art Night & Ice Cream Social on May 1, 2015. We had an amazing night of creativity and fun, with 150 piggy banks decorated and 200 ice cream cones handed out. Thanks to Mrs. Tompkins for teaching amazing art classes all year to our students. The student masterpieces featured were incredible.

We also congratulate our winners of the Family Art Night prizes donated by WEB. Arianna Mulhair won the Sketchbook, Crayola set of 64, and 20 SuperTips Markers package, and Leanne Westphal won the book, A Child’s Introduction to Art, and a set of oil pastels.

Our elementary students are lucky to have such a vibrant art program, and we hope to keep it going year after year with support from the school and so many volunteers. Thank you!