Warriors and Warlords XXIX

Hosted by the Baronies of Jararvellir and Nordskogen in the Kingdom of Northshield

Tomah Recreation Park ,1625 Butts Ave., Tomah WI, 54660

July 11 to 14 2024  AS 59

Welcome to Warriors and Warlords 2024, XXIX!   Join your friends for four days of joy! 

Classes, armored combat, singing and dancing, classes, archery, torchlight tournament, equestrian, thrown weapons, bardic competitions, field battles shopping, Bad Baronesses, Family Faire, rapier,authentic encampment, vigils, and more fun!!

Event Stewards

Mistress Nell the Innocent, OL Nordskogen Event Steward, Linda Hebert Prahl (She/Her) 

THL Meadhbh inghean Uí Néill, Jararvellir Event Steward

Matthias of Rolling Oakes, better known as Moose. Deputy Event Steward and Strawboss Lead

Would you like to host a Fun Activity at WW that isn't a Class, Demo or Martial acitivity? Like Drumming, Vigils, Guild activities, Shakespeare Social, Goat Selfies, Scavenger Hunt, Fun Stuff. Submissions Due April 1, 2024. Use this form!