Three Meadows


The Three Meadows parcel, also referred to as the Bridle Lane property, runs along Woodhouse Avenue and Bride Lane, and, on its other sides, backs up to quiet neighbors who seem to appreciate nature. The property contains several varied habitats, meadows, wetlands with a stream running through the central corridor, a cedar stand, some scrub growth, and early succession forest, all of which provide cover, shelter, and food to a wide range of amphibians, mammals, butterflies, and birds.

A large, beautiful, sugar maple is a favorite feature of the property. The area around the sugar maple was cleared and benches were installed. This is a wonderful spot for a picnic or sitting and enjoying the surroundings. A .25-mile loop trail starts and ends at the sitting area. One trailhead is on the right, and the other is on the left. The trail meanders through the meadow and into a cedar forest. A stream can be seen nearby. A long boardwalk was needed to get through a wet area.

Take a stroll along the trail and listen to the birds

Relaxing under a large Sugar Maple Tree

Size: 11 acres

Access: Bridle Lane

Activities: Walking; Birdwatching; Wildlife Obsevervation; picnic

Trails: .25 mile loop

Environment: Meadows, cedar stand, Scrub Growth, Early succession forest

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