Fresh Meadows


The Fresh Meadows Swamp is part of the headwaters of the Mill River which reaches Long Island Sound at New Haven Harbor. 

This property contains many types of fern and other swamp-loving plants and animals.  Many birds enjoy this area, and, on the high ground, you might even spot a deer.

There are 2 separate trails within this property.  You can access one trail from Jeremy Woods Drive between houses numbers 6 and 8 and the second trail from Rosick Road. The hiking trail is on the little high ground there is and the rest is along a wooden walkway. Most of the parcel is wetlands, not accessible, and is host to a variety of plants and wildlife.

The WLT Fresh Meadows parcel is 44 acres which contains most of the Fresh Meadow Swamp. Together with 124 acres of Town of Wallingford land, there are over 168 acres of contiguus open space.

Size:  44 acres

Access: Jeremy Woods Drive or Rosick Road

Activities: Nature walk;  Wildflowers;  Wildlife Observation

Trails:  .25 miles

Environment:  Swamp; woodland swamp; deciduous forest; pine grove; streams

Maps: Click here 

Lady Slippers

A rare and beautiful plant

Eastern Box Turtle

The wet environment of Fresh Meadows is perfect for them