Orchard and Spruce Glen


Orchard and Spruce Glen is one of the prize properties owned by the WLT and is our largest. 

It has a 13-foot waterfall, a stream, 2 ravines, 3 miles of hiking trails with 2 loops, and a variety of trees, plants, and wildlife.

Earlier the properties were mostly hemlock but the woody adelgid killed most of them. So now the properties contain both mature and young deciduous forests. 

Spruce Glen is the location of a successional forest developed and maintained by the WLT with assistance from the US Department of Agriculture Wildlife Habitat Incentives Program (WHIP).

Waterfall in the gorge at Spruce glen

Size: 68 acres

Access: Barnes Industrial Road North

Activities: Waterfall, Hiking, Mountain Biking, Snowshoeing,  Wildlife Observation, X-Country Skiing

Trails: 2.3 miles with two loops (2.7 miles round trip)

Environment: Waterfall, Ravines, Streams; Waterfall, Mature and young deciduous trees.

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