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We believe our students deserve a balanced math education where teachers teach using a variety of methods suited to individual students, not an experience where teachers are compelled to only facilitate or maneuver groups of students into discovering the math for themselves, leaving little time for establishing and practicing fundamentals in the classroom.

There are some excellent challengers who are willing to ditch MVP and replace it with a decent proven curriculum!

Let's take back MATH EDUCATION for our students who want to LEARN MATH and not PLAY GAMES!

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OBSERVATION: MVP curriculum provides no documented math resources for Wake County students other than the MVP problem workbooks. AND, in order for MVP to "work" it must be experienced in groups of students sitting next to one another, grappling with a problem, and facilitated by a teacher who ideally has received 2-5 days of professional development.

CORONAVIRUS OBSERVATION: Now, take that situation and apply it to schools which are now cancelling the semester, some of which are switching to online education. No documented math resources from MVP. Schools must create math resources from scratch or revive prior teacher materials or buy another curriculum. No working in groups. No parent facilitation. No parent professional development.

Let's look at MVP's lack of response about how their curriculum can be used during this crisis:

No one could have predicted this virus' impact to education, but we definitely predicted that having NO DOCUMENTED math resources and relying on facilitation would ultimately lead to failure. I hate to say we told ya' so, but... WE TOLD YA' SO.


Visit and LIKE our new Facebook Page "Actual WCPSS Math Teacher Feedback about MVP" and receive a comment-a-day from actual WCPSS teachers whose voices were ignored during the implementation of MVP in Wake County.

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1/20/20: "'Twas the Night Before MVP Finals" Enjoy this tale of someone having a winter dream about math book confiscation, and a sinister plot that may or may not ever resolve happily ever after. Watch to the end for some satisfying campfire fun!

1/7/20: "WCPSS Staff Didn't Reveal the Whole Story About MVP at the November 2018 SAC Meeting" Enjoy this exposé backed with plenty of evidence pointing to the fact that not everything is as they say it is in Wake County, NC. Watch and be informed!

The "Independent" report from MGT Consulting is now available.

Presentation: SAC MTG_ 12_16_19_ PRESENTATION MATH 1_ 2_ 3.pdf

Full Report: SAC MTG_ 12_16_19_ MATH 1_ 2_ 3 QUALITY REVIEW FINAL REPORT.pdf

Negative Feedback from Parents: This topic intentionally left blank

Analysis of Achievement Data: This topic intentionally left blank

In this article, For some Wake County parents, new math doesn’t add up, MVP references the MGT survey.

I dare them to link the full report on their website!

Better late than never... or shoulda woulda coulda...

Click for the new WCPSS website to aid students after school to do the math they did not discover/learn in class (or if they were absent).

Note: DIRECT INSTRUCTION videos, and links to 3rd party websites such as Khan and youtube will be provided. Hey - here's an idea: JUST USE THESE RESOURCES IN CLASS!!!!


Parent information brochure created by Wake County, NC parents.

Yes, MVP did sue a WCPSS parent with a SLAPP lawsuit.

Read the public court documents yourself.

(SLAPP = strategic lawsuit against public participation)

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