In the News

In the News

8/1/19 Missouri Education Watchdog: Meet Open Up Resources: partner to MVP math and funded by Bill Gates.

WTVD 9/12/19: Cary father fights lawsuit from creators of controversial math program

WRAL 9/11/19: Wake parent countersues MVP math after company sues him for libel and slander

N&O 9/11/19: Wake parent sued for criticizing school math program says First Amendment is at stake

EdWeek 9/10/19: Parent Who Criticized His Son's Math Program Is Sued By Curriculum Company

Vesia Hawkins blog 9/10/19: A Parent Advocate Sued Anywhere Is A Parent Advocate Sued Everywhere

N&O 8/22/19: As students go back to school in Wake County, here are 5 changes you should know

SW Washington Education 8/10/19: What happens if parents and taxpayers complain about testing and curriculum? They may get sued by the companies selling the products.

AP Dillon Blog 8/10/19: #WCPSS Updates: MVP Math, Reassignment plan, Restart Status and a Brain Drain

Education Matters 8/10/19: Education Matters Show 109 Full Episode 8/10/19

Soylent News Discussion 8/10/19: North Carolina Father Sued by Math Company for Criticizing Their Curriculum

WISE Math - BC (Canada) 8/9/19: The Accidental Advocate

Capitalists 8/9/19: Dad sued for slander because he criticized the education system

N&O 8/7/19: Wake school board upholds MVP math after review, says program will continue

National Pulse 8/6/19: Common Core Math Publisher Sues Parent for Opposing Curriculum

WRAL 8/6/19: Wake school board stands by MVP math review, says it did not violate law, rules or policy

8/5/19 Australia blog: The mathematics curriculum that is taking a parent to court

8/1/19 Citizen Wells: Wake County NC parent sued by MVP for criticizing Mathematics Vision Project Common Core based program

8/1/19 Missouri Education Watchdog: Is An Education World War Coming?

7/31/19 Philadelphia ABC 6: North Carolina father sued by math company for criticizing their curriculum

7/31/19 Reddit r/raleigh: Dad wants Wake schools to drop this math program. Now he’s being sued by the company.

The Locker Room 7/31/19: Wake school board should intervene in lawsuit against critic

WTVD Story on Yahoo 7/30/19: Wake Schools parent sued after criticizing math curriculum (over 600 comments!)

WTVD 7/30/19: Concerned dad sued: What's the risk for the rest of us in voicing opinions?

WTVD 7/30/19: Wake Schools parent sued after criticizing math curriculum

Greensboro N&R 7/30/19: Dad wants Wake schools to drop this math program. Now he's being sued by the company.

N&O 7/30/19: Dad wants Wake schools to drop this math program. Now he’s being sued by the company.

WRAL 7/30/19: MVP math suing Wake County parent for 'libel and slander' after he criticized program

WRAL 7/17/19: Wake school board to respond to parent's MVP math appeal next month

N&O 7/17/19: After parent complaints, Wake will review panel that backs controversial math program

WTVD 7/18/19: New community-led effort to help parents navigate Wake County's controversial new math program

WTVD 6/18/19: WCPSS review committee backs controversial math curriculum amid protests

WRAL 6/18/19: Emotions flare as Wake school board defends controversial MVP math program

N&O 6/18/19: ‘We must absolutely stay the course.’ Wake keeps controversial math program.

WTVD 6/10/19: Parents frustrated after WCPSS keeps math curriculum, promises improvements

WRAL 6/7/19: Wake schools to continue using controversial math program, but with 'changes and improvements'

N&O 6/7/19: Wake won’t drop controversial math curriculum but will make some changes

WTVD 6/4/19: Parents urging WCPSS board to subtract math program

WRAL 6/4/19: 'We want to know the truth': Wake parents request records in math curriculum battle

N&O 5/10/19: As some teachers defend controversial math curriculum, critics say it’s causing anxiety, PTSD in American Education

5/1/19: Reddit r/raleigh: What is this Mathematics Vision Project curriculum issue all about?

Truth in American Education 4/29/19: A Rising Parent Voice Gains Attention

WTVD 4/23/19: March for Math calls on Wake County Public School System to change how math is taught

N&O 4/23/19: ‘Stop the coverup.’ Wake County parents and students protest new MVP math curriculum.

Que Pasa 4/17/19: Afirman que estudiantes latinos de Wake son los más afectados con programa de Matemáticas

Q.P. English: Limited English proficiency students among those affected by new math curriculum, Wake County parents say

N&O 4/10/19: Some Wake high school students walk out of class to protest new math curriculum

WTVD 4/10/19: Green Hope students walk out, say Wake way of teaching math doesn't add up

WRAL 4/10/19: Wake students plan walkout to protest new math curriculum

N&O 2/22/19 Wake changed how it teaches high school math. Some parents say it’s hurting students

WRAL 2/20/19: Wake parents concerned about new math curriculum in schools

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