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The quotes provided below are select quotes perhaps relevant to our discourse about MVP. For example, if the member's campaigning claim is that they make decisions based on data and value public feedback, is that your experience? If they claim to be problem solvers, but are washing their hands of the MVP situation, is that OK? Or if they claim to be concerned for every student, yet turn a blind eye to the hundreds or thousands of students dealing with MVP issues, is that OK?

Please visit each member's website for full context and point of view - or ask them directly.

District 5 & Board Chair: Jim Martin

From "The Issues" page on website:

Effective Governance

  • Champion of non-partisan, education-centered governance.
  • Sound decision-making based on experience in the classroom and expertise in research and data analysis.
  • Listens to and values public feedback.

District 1: Heather Scott

From home page:

Our educators, teaching assistants, specialists, support staff and administrators are professionals who deserve a knowledgeable support system at the district level.

From webpage:

She knows how to listen, and how to be an effective problem solver. She has extensive experience mediating conflict and working with others to bring about solutions that achieve the best results. She remains committed to make our schools a great place to teach and learn.

District 3: Roxie Cash

From Roxie's Platform page:

TRANSPARENCY: People who know me hopefully are very aware of my willingness to meet and talk about most anything. I really want to know concerns and successes that they have had in our schools. I believe that I like this most about being on the Board of Education. I like people and I like to listen to their stories. I like to encourage and find solutions where possible.

District 4 & Board Co-chair: Keith Sutton

From Platform page:

Serve the Needs of Every Student – The needs of students are more diverse now than ever. Personalized learning is critical to the success of every student. A whole-child approach should part of our core business.

District 6: Christine Kushner

From Meet Christine page:

I know what it takes to work hard as a public servant in public office, listening to voter concerns and advocating for change that helps people live better lives. I’ve done that hard work for eight years on the school board, and I will take my work ethic and core values to the State Senate.

District 7: Chris Heagarty

From application to fill vacant seat for District 7:

In addition, I will also work to bring parent, educator, and community concerns to the Board and staff while bringing essential information from the school system back to the community. In an era where passions are stoked via inflammatory social media and reflex reactions it is imperative that clear and reliable channels of accurate information are maintained. Making sure that our schools and the Board are represented in important community discussions will also be a priority of mine.

District 8: Lindsay Mahaffey

From Platform page:

As educators, and policymakers, students should be at the center of everything we do. "How does this help our students?" should be at the core of every policy we write, decision we make and vote we place.

District 9: Bill Fletcher

From Welcome page:

Our singular goal is to prepare our children for success at the next level. In doing so, we must stretch each student academically to become all they can be. To accomplish this goal we must align every resource within the school system as well as the broader community. I look forward to working with you to prepare our students for maximum success and return our school district to a position of leadership in this state and nation.