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We believe our students deserve a balanced math education where teachers teach using a variety of methods suited to individual students, not an experience where teachers are compelled to only facilitate or maneuver groups of students into discovering the math for themselves, leaving little time for establishing and practicing fundamentals in the classroom.

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Supporters of Blain Dillard have created parentrights.net to hold all the legal documents about the case, including the original complaint and response.

MEDIA: Please contact Blain Dillard's attorney Jeffrey Hunt at Parr Brown Gee & Loveless, if more information is needed

Blain Dillard is a North Carolina father of 3 young men and is being sued by Utah common core math curriculum vendor MVP for criticizing their program.

Statement from Blain's attorney Jeffrey Hunt: “It is alarming that a parent would be sued for defamation for expressing opinions and making truthful statements about his son’s high school math curriculum. The lawsuit appears to be an attempt to silence Mr. Dillard and other critics of MVP, and to chill their First Amendment rights to speak about MVP’s services. We believe the lawsuit has no legal merit and we intend to vigorously defend the right of Mr. Dillard, as well as other parents, to have a voice in the education of their children.”

This is an epic case of David vs Goliath in the realm of free speech regarding ALL our children's public education. Blain MUST WIN this case and preserve all parents' rights to advocate freely, truthfully, and tenaciously, for their child - and all children. Blain's friends and supporters are raising funds for his defense. THIS IS A FIRST AMENDMENT CASE.

If you believe in parents' FIRST AMENDMENT rights to advocate for their children, and want to be a part of history by standing up with us in this landmark case, please consider donating, and definitely please SHARE this with your friends.

Blain is innocent of all allegations and can defend each and every point made in the lawsuit. This is an attempt at intimidation and bullying to silence Blain and other parents' free speech advocating for their children's education.

Citizens must stand up to these tactics or YOU may be next when you speak out against something in your government.

Better late than never... or shoulda woulda coulda...

Click for the new WCPSS website to aid students after school to do the math they did not discover/learn in class (or if they were absent).

Note: DIRECT INSTRUCTION videos, and links to 3rd party websites such as Khan and youtube will be provided. Hey - here's an idea: JUST USE THESE RESOURCES IN CLASS!!!!


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