School Board Speeches

School Board Speeches

12/17/19: Speakers: (starts 43:20) Pete Bley, Carrie Bley, Sandy Joiner, Blain Dillard

12/3/19: Speakers: (1:28:00) Carrie Bley, Peter Bley (reassignment)

11/19/19: Speakers (2:51:00) Blain Dillard

11/5/19: Speakers (36:30) Rachael Ayscue, Blain Dillard

10/15/19: Speakers: (starts 1:34:00) Carrie Bley, Pete Bley, Blain Dillard, (1:57:00) Hava Edelstein

9/17/19: Speakers: (starts 47:50) Blain Dillard, Carrie Bley, HVAC topic, special ed topic, Hava Edelstein, other speakers, then at 1:19:44, Ed McFarland and Brad McMillan talk about data

9/3/19: Speakers: (starts 39:35) Carrie Bley, another topic, Emanuela Prister

8/6/19: Speakers to be listed later (starts at 30:20 through 1:11:30), then McFarland, then 3 hr closed session,

then Appeal decision at 4:46:45

7/16/19: Speakers Karen Carter, Carrie Bley, Peter Bley, (non-MVP speaker), Blain Dillard (starts at 28:55)

6/18/19: Note this was the decision meeting for the complaints filed by parents

Speakers: Karen Carter, Michele Thomas, Blain Dillard, Carrie Bley, Pete Bley, Vicky Burns, Margaret Borden (with Stats student Kiera Bush discussing teacher turnover rates) (starts at 30:20)

Dr. Ed McFarland Curriculum Review of MVP (starts at 59:15)

6/4/19: Speakers Karen Carter, Sandy Joiner, Zoe Lamb, Blain Dillard, Kimberly Wood, Carrie Bley, Peter Bley, Natalie Johnson (GHHS student) (starts at 53m:15s)

5/20/19: Speakers Carrie Bley, Peter Bley, (Broughton suicide topic), (migration project topic), Kevin Dale, Blain Dillard (starts at 41m:30s)

5/7/19: Speakers Anthony Moreno (teacher), Kimberly Wood (Apex Friendship), Terri Coleman (Wake Forest High), Carrie Bley (HGM), Blain Dillard (GHHS), Margaret Borden (teacher), Laura Tingelstad (GHHS), Nick Polsinelli (GHHS student) (starts at 41m mark)

4/23/19 part 1: Speakers Blain Dillard, Carrie Bley (starts at 1h:25m mark)

4/23/19 part 2: Speakers Stephen DeVoise (GHHS), Catherine Wiegers (Holly Springs High), Maggi Stone (Middle Creek High), Vicky Burns (Middle Creek High) (starts at 1h:35m mark)

4/2/19: Speakers Blain Dillard (GHHS), Michele Thomas (Athens Dr. High), Laura Tingelstad (GHHS), Carrie Bley (Holly Grove Middle), Peter Bley (HGM) (starts at 2h:15m mark)

3/19/19: Speakers Karen Carter (Green Hope High School), Sandy Joiner (GHHS), Blain Dillard (GHHS) (starts at 1h:09m mark)

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